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Surfboard Rack

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Snottie1, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys, I've had a Surfboard rack on the side of my VT750C Honda Shadow for about 4 years (passed every year)
    A nice man with flashing lights & a chest that couldn't be pushed out, put a defect on my bike, took the rack off & got it passed again. He only gave me two days on a Friday*$&%^$&
    The officer said you can't carry anything on the side of your bike?
    When I got it made I asked for it to comply to the relevant legislation at the time Road Transport (Mass, Loading& Access Regulation 2005.
    Wasn't going to ague on the side of the road,(yes Sir) he was trying defect the standard exhaust system too, though he defect the clock on my handle bars is there a blitz on? wishI had a pin to poke his chest!

  2. Was the clock showing the wrong time? :)

    I was at the Motorcycle show in Sydney on Friday and the only neat thing that I saw on the H-D stand was one of their bikes, fitted with a surfboard rack and a surf board in the rack.

    I thought it looked OK.

    I suppose the next thing will be cops going through the panniers on old farts' BMWs to see if we are carrying any dodgy goods.

  3. Hi,

    I went Yesterday by train, meow! (might have got wet)At least I could have a drink with my brother.

    Meet Charlie B, seems like a genuinely nice guy! Been humming The Long Way Round since!

    Saw the Harley with about a 5,6 twin fish, not legal, I asked them. Mine was parallel to the side, been up & down the coast doing 110 kl p/h of course with 5.6ft board with no prob what so ever. The H-D would catch the wind I reckon in any case!

    Mr P Man walked around my bike a few times trying to find something? Old enough & wise enough not to give lip, but it was hard.

    I'm on the Central Coast, the Police don't seem to bike friendly, they seem to be on the war path! The Old Pacific been dropped to 60 in some spots with hidden folk behind trees everywhere! Your hand hurts from giving the warning signal!

    I'm 53,had my wife on the back heading for the Marina at the Hawksberry River, got followed from near cafe to the bridge.

    I really though that beeing harassed by the Police was way past me!
  4. Ah, now I understand.

    Yup! From Berowra up to Gosford, the police are pretty picky.

    Trouble is there are a number of looney riders, and, since it's pretty hard for the cops to actually catch them, they seem to be trying to make the area sufficiently unpleasant for all bike riders in the hope that we'll all go some place else.
  5. There's another thread on this at https://netrider.net.au/threads/surfboard-rack.127678/ where someone has quoted relevant legislation.
    If they were going to stop it they'd need to pull over a lot of pushbikes around here and definitely fine those carrying it under their arm for "not having control" or whatever is specifically relevant.
    I reckon you got hard done by. I'd contact RMS to clarify and carry a reply in writing if it is +ve. All seems legit to me as long as it doesn't protrude beyond the ends, effect control or is a possible danger.
    But then, if they want to get you they might find something else to hit you with.
  6. Hi Yeah, I'm going to try & sort it, I've been using it for years now. Double Bonus, get a ride & surf in, or one at least if surfs crap!
    He was going on about injuries to pedestrians, reckon they would be pretty messed up if I hit them in any case.
    Reckon there must be nothing happening law breaking wise around here! they must be bored looking for issues.