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Surfboard Rack

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by TitsMcGee, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. So I have a DRZ400SM and I'm hoping to attach a surfboard rack to it... this rack in particular:


    Anyone tried it? I've spent the last week in bali on a moped with a similar style rack and it worked fine.

    Also if anyone knows if this would be legal in NSW?

    Any help appreciated


  2. I guess similar rules to Sidecars may be required but don't know or sure. Be a handful in a cross wind though :)
  3. Ha ha the joys of a postie bike. No clutch. I just tuck mine under my left arm.
    I am only one street back form the beach tho. How farken lazy is that :)
  4. You really need to do something like this....

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  5. Thats a photoshop, And a bad one at that.
  6. Yeah the shadow just for a start !
  7. My workmate just put one on his scooter, he reckons it works
  8. Really?
  9. If memory serves me there is a length restriction on motorcycles when carrying a load.
    It is buried deeply in that horrible RTA site (don't get me started on that) something about a certain length exceeding the front and back of the bike.
    A few of scooters Deus and posties carry boards up here on the Nth beaches , not really sure what the cops think .
    You very well may get away with it as long as its not a longboard , do it
    what could go wrong................ LOL
  10. :LOL: I used to have the exact same yellow Daytona! I always wondered what happened to it!
  11. Not sure how to upload photo's, but here it is:


    Just remembered that I started this thread so apologies for only just replying.

    The rack I fitted is the rack I linked in my first post, and it works incredibly well - barely even notice the board on there.

    Oh yeah, I had a look at the RTA website and this is the most relevant legislation I could find:


    So based on that I think it should be all right.. haven't come across any cops yet though! probably because I've been out surfing at the crack of dawn
  12. hey, nice work there.
    was also thinking about something for me naked road bike for highway speeds and not sure if that one will handle it...
    soo, went hunting and found this http://www.surferpeg.com/
    built solid, easy attachment.
    have been chatting to the fella and says cost around $390-us + shipping to Oz
    the website is pretty mmm badly made and sort of a turn off.
    thought id share it anyways
  13. Heya, its an old thread, but because I work for a state roads authority, I have done a bit of digging on the subject and thought it may help others to put it out there.

    As a quick summary of the below, you can place an object (such as a surfboard) on a rack on the side of the motorbike as long as the rack and the object do not extend beyond the spread of the motorcycle's handlebars, and the item or rack did not extend >300mm beyond the rear wheel and the item did not extend >150mm beyond the front wheel (you'd never put a rack up there, well probably not).

    This is only permissible though, if doing so does not affect the safe operation (such as stability) of the vehicle and does not endanger other road users.

    So for example, if you had a longboard that was going to foul on the front wheel if mounted to the side of the motorcycle, or would project >300mm beyond the rear wheel, but would totally fit the motorcycle if mounted on its base, pointing up in the air, this would easily be interpreted by an officer as unsafe or unstable.

    So, while the legislation is ripe for permissive interpretation, it would probably be inadvisable even if you felt capable of riding like that.

    Federal legislation for ADR (Australian Design Rules) 43/04, specifies that all LA and LC class motor vehicles (motorbikes) cannot exceed 1000mm in width

    In QLD, the Transport Operations Road Use Management Mass Dimensions and Loading 2005 regulation specifies a few pertinent requirements:
    Part 3, Division 3, Clause 33, page 26

    For a bike without a sidecar;
    - a load may not project more than 150mm beyond the outer extremity of the front wheel
    - a load may not project more than 300mm beyond the outer extremity of the rear wheel
    - a load may not project beyond the outer extremity of the vehicle on either side

    TORUM MD&R Schedule 7, Section 39, Clause 1 Loading, Page 98 also very importantly specifies that:
    - a load on a vehicle must not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe

    In NSW, the former RTA clearly has rather similar legislation to the QLD TORUM legislation:
    secion 5, page 65
  14. So I guess I won't be carrying my 9' 6" Custom Malibu on the Gixxer anytime soon

    When I visited Deus Motorbikes over in Bali they had some great board racks in bikes.
  15. I've seen plenty of board racks here in Australia. I know Deus in Camperdown has them. I would like to know how they get around this legislation. Also they have run a few trips to Noosa from Sydney on bikes with racks, read their blog from earlier this year. I wonder how they manged that. Any ideas?
  16. I bet the cops just turn a blind eye. i am going to get one for the scoot so will test it.
  17. I just read this thread, and was thinking what a good idea, then I had a look at the URL in the OP, and .......

    Rats! It isn't an over head rack! :)

    There was I thinking, OK, I don't surf, but a "roof rack" might be a good idea for the scooter.
  18. A very good thing indeed. Prpvides shade and a roll cage. Now ya talkin!
  19. I got one of these the other day (carver brand). It is a bit harder to get on then I expected on the Dio because it has silly ridges on the bottom of the rack. Need to modify it.

    Its also going to be way over the recommended weight for the rack (according to the safety sticker). Ill have to remove that sticker.