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Surfboard Rack for CB400 Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by EV, May 14, 2015.

  1. #1 EV, May 14, 2015
    Last edited: May 14, 2015
    A Surfboard rack I put together using Galvanised steel water pipe, a Givi Box rack and a crash bar from a Singaporean Police bike... The bikes width is barely altered allowing me to filter between traffic easily enough` especially so with the fins off, pretty happy with it, only problem now is I am in Country NSW and don't really need to do any filtering, so will sell or swap this CB400 for Suzuki Jimny.

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  2. Looks impressive!
  3. Looks good!
    How does it go with wind gusts? I'd imagine it would act like a sail.
  4. I've ridden my bike without surfboard in 100kmh winds many times, I don't imagine it handling quite so well in extreme conditions with the board, over the last couple of months I've noticed only a slight tendency to vear left but quite mild compared with the CT110 and scooters I used with board racks possibly because the CB400 is much more stable and secondly the board is quite close to everything else rather than sticking so far out as on these smaller bikes
  5. Different, love it. Good work.
  6. Interesting modification. Have you ever been hassled by the police for projecting loads?
  7. Not had any legal problems yet as my commuting and beach rides don't seem to interest the police around here much, when I researched the crashbar which is the widest part on the bike it came up legal to fit in Western Australia according to very easy and reasonable legislation as I remember it when I spoke with the Transport Inspector and we looked it up.
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  8. Thats Awesome mate well done ,id love to get a board rack going on my bike . Just racking my brain as to how i can make something that is easily detachable with minimal interference when wanting to go back into sport mode.
  9. as a courier round the northern beaches i see a few of these around occasionally, made me look twice the first time wondering what kind of new mod i'd discovered in my travels.
  10. That is awesome!! Might run into trouble carrying a Mal though ;)
  11. I wonder how far you go with it. I've thought about doing similar to carry my guitars. Hmm piano?
  12. I saw one in Dee Why a few weeks ago. It appeared to have been commercially made.
  13. Noice, different unusual...is it legal? ;)
  14. I haven't heard a Kath and Kim reference in a while :)
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  15. Look at me... I am more a Sharon without the pash rash ;) Although I have been told that when I dance, I obviously channel my inner Kath and Kel...
  16. Saw similar on the back way to Manley a couple of years ago, got my attention. First time for me.