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Surely there is 1 other netride that likes rap?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wang chung, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. right?

    :( :( :cry:

  2. Yes, another one here, not just rap though!
  3. i like all music, have a bit of everything
  4. Not me!

    I'll listen to anything BUT rap unless I have no choice.
  5. Rap is in my wide array of music tastes.
  6. Some rap good :grin:

    Some rap crap :roll:
  7. Are you making a statement or is that an attempt at rap? :LOL:
  8. I like some rap.....I'd have to say Snoop is my favourite.
  9. Yeh I like some rap :)
  10. You sir are a buffoon :LOL:
  11. I like Eazy E. :cool:
  12. OI, I resemble that remark :p :LOL:
  13. Yo, G, homie, we aren't talking mind altering substanced bud :)
  14. Straight outta Compton...

    I asked my Cuz if we could go from Downtown LA to Compton, but he refused. No way in his red car. Kaboomsky :!: :shock: :cool:
  15. rap fo sho, but by the same token i listen to metal (note: not limp bizkit "metal") and some trance/techno aswell. and reggae. music = love it.
  16. :twisted: :twisted: MEEEETAL :twisted: :twisted:

    Children of Bodom rocks my socks! :wink:
  17. S.O.A.D.

    good driving music!!!
  18. Your names Joel, my names Joel, you like SOAD, I like SOAD... it only seems natural that we should make out... right?! :p