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Surely I couldn't be so stupid.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OscarA, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Had a boys night out last night so I decided to take the bike and show the boys my new toy. I was a little nervous about the ride as it was from Blackburn to Werribee which involved two freeeways and a little traffic going through Carlton.
    Got there in one piece and enjoyed the ride which was a great confidence booster.
    I stayed the night and this morning after taking 15min getting ready I set off home. When I got up to 80kph I started getting this annoying flapping sound hitting the helmet which I ignored. I wore my balaclava for the first time so decided not to do up my jacket to the very top as it's a little tight. Because of this I figured the flapping sound must be the collar somehow hitting the helmet.
    First mistake was not double checking everything was right before departing.
    Second mistake was assuming something rather than confirming it.
    You can imagine my surprise when I get home and I go to undo the helmet and find it's ALREADY UNDONE

    I was so angry with myself, how could I be so stupid :evil:

  2. I doubt you will do it a second time!

    did you do it up properly or did you just forget in the moment?
  3. remember gloves on first!

    You might of put it through the D claps wrong and didn't realise at the time. You are lucky, another forum member got nicked for not having his done up correctly. I normally grab my straps under the chin and give it a yank, just to be on the safe side.
  4. OMG .. I did that yesterday ..

    In a hurry to get from Caroline Srings to the shell @ Westgate ..

    So I was annoying everyone to hurry up ( bossy B!tch I am :oops: )

    I heard this slapping noise an thought wat's that ...
    whilst going over the Westgate I noticed this strap hitting my helmet ..

    You guessed it ... it was my helmet strap ... I thought I'd done it up ... obviously didnt :cry:
  5. You're not Stupid, you were absent minded and it happens to all of us.
    And don't call me Shirley...
  6. Don't know why I didn't re-check the strap this morning perhaps lack of sleep had something to do with it.

    lol, good to know I'm not the only one.

    Hopefully I wont do that again.
  7. It one of those things that happens.
    I have to put things on in an order when getting on the bike or I forget.
    Key in, ipod in and on, helmet, jacket up, gloves - left first.
    You get the point,

    At the start I didn't have an order and always missed something.
  8. I've done it twice before... as others have said just get a routine going with putting your gear on and you shouldn't forget anymore
  9. What are you bragging about? I had achieved that feat twice in my first week of riding! :oops:

    That strap hurts too...

  10. Along with riding off with the sidestand down (electronics don't allow it any more, but it was way more dangerous back then), this is one of the classics. I always leave my gloves till last.....
  11. I absolutely guarantee you will :LOL:

    I was called to a crisis at home on Fri arvo and forgot and not for the first time :roll:
  12. I did it yesterday too!! Whilst on the woodend ride, and just waited for the first corner market and pulled over to do it up. One of my bad habits, as is trying to move off with the stand down.[/quote]
  13. **puts up hand and admits to doing it too** :roll:
  14. I think it's something that pretty much everyone has done.

    Like starting in neutral then hit into first and engine cuts out because side stand is down.

    There is a thread about riders embarrassing moments. It's good to make you feel better when you do something silly.
  15. I've forgot about my chin strap twice too. :)
  16. Haven't done the chin strap -yet- but so far I've forgotten to turn the fuel tap on twice, left the keys in the ignition and walked off, and I -almost- forgot to put my gloves on yesterday :roll:
  17. Thanks everyone, I feel better now. I was upset with myself mainly because of the distance I traveled and the speeds I got up to which really made me think what if something happened.

    It is surprising how forgetful and absent minded we can be when in a hurry or inexperienced.
    About two weeks ago I decided to go for a 30 min ride around the local streets for some practice that first made me realise how easy it is to forget things.
    I was getting the bike warmed up, went inside to put the K-legs, boots and jacket on. I made sure I had the house keys, garage remote and wallet. I then went outside and gave the bike a once over making sure choke was off and everthing looked ok.
    Time to go so I sit on the bike close the garage door and start to go up the drive way when I suddenly realise I've forgotten my gloves.
    So I open the garage go to get my gloves and notice the helmet sitting there as well. :oops: The things we nubes :oops:
  18. When I add something to my gear like a neck warmer etc I notice for a while that throws off my entire pattern :p
  19. Well...I have a routine...something I adhere to strictly, and I WILL NOT hurry it up...I go through my routine, so that when I get on the bike I know I am prepared for sliding down the road or tossing my self over the bars...
    Even then...Once or twice I have still been distracted and forgotten something as obvious ans doing the helmet up...but like me...anytime you feel something flapping you will immediately pull over and check it, eh. :)

  20. Yep, that's what happens to me. Something different to the routine and I turn into a scattered headcase for a while and have to really concentrate.