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suprise! Honda electrical problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by idontlikemondays, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. gday all. I'm writing in desperation from my mobile phone. But this little issue is really starting to shit me. So the bike in question is an xr 400 96 build. The is evidently a problem with the reg rec. It keeps on blowing bulbs. So i check the factory reg. Looks original all good just needs replacing. But then i i check the wiring harness side of the connecter. Its only got 2 of the 4 wires. One wire leads from the alt. The other goes in to the main harness. The two wires its missing mirror whats there. I play around, disconnect the factory reg and rev the motor. Sure enough the tail light blows. But now the indicators dont work aswell unless the motor is revved. The after market reg rec is disconnected and everything seems normal except for the indicators. I check the regulated voltage. Its way too low below 3k rpm. Then at 3k rpm and above it either remains steady at 13v or fluctuates greatly. The resistance on the the lighting coil and main harness appear to be within spec. So the question is what to do? Replace both of the regs or is there a way of getting by by just replacing one? The after market reg has 4 wires going in. It seems to mimick what the factory one is bar one wire which is a different colour. Anyone? Please? Cheers dom.

  2. Mate, you should have bought a Hon...d..oh, wait :LOL:
  3. track bike??????
  4. so i guess there are no auto electricians here? :roll:
    i went to dick smiths, jaycar, repco, and an autoelectrical place looking for the replacement 12v reg rec and capacitor. either no one had the part, or they wouldnt help me cause its a bike. :cry:
    ive tested the main harness and the alternator, they are both fine, but im fcuked if im going to dive in blind rewiring the main harness when the actual electricals bear absolutely no resembelance to the wiring diagram.
    i need to get this POS blueslipped and on the road, so fcuk it, after a month of buggerising around with it, im giving up, its going into honda on monday...
  5. Did you look in either Motorcycle Trader or Just Bikes magazines? There are off-road specialists and electrical specialists who deal with these issues.

    They are more likely to be able to help with a non-standard system than an average Honda dealer...

    All the best

    Trevor G

    PS None of the electrical/electronics parts specialists carry automotive electronics of the sort you are seeking help for. Hence the blank or unhelpful results.
  6. i checked with MCAS, no one does an after market reg rec for the XR, bit suprising given this is a generic honda short coming. i generally got pointed towards procycles or Love motorcycles in hornsby, but truth be told, if gonna pay someone to do work on my bike, it will be sydney city lane cove since i know their service manager and head mechanic are switched and have looked after me well in the past. its a last resort but. im a bit of a quamby when it comes to electricals.
    thanks trevor.
    oh although i didnt find the other posts helpful, i still found them amusing :LOL:
  7. Then try a wreckers for dirt bikes and get all the parts you need there. Advertised in JB and MCT. (As long asd you can be sure that MCAS are absolutely reliable in all their advice. I would try a dirt bike specialist.)

    Have you checked US sites? These bikes should be very popular there - they have stuff we don't even think of, at times.

    All the best

  8. Sounds like the battery might be suspect as well (if it goes lower then about 12v at idle). how is the charging system? does the battery go flat often? do the indicators work with the motor off?
  9. thanks for the reply mate, but an XR doesnt have a battery