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Suprise heated grip

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Portagrug, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. So.. weird..

    riding home from the pink ribbon ride today.. the long way home.. sun was shining.. summer gloves on.. and all of a sudden.. my right hand starts getting really hot..

    I worked out after a bit that my right grip had set itself to max power.. or it felt that way.. i couldnt tell because the control unit wasnt showing any lights or was it turned on at all..

    Left grip.. nothing.. so pulled over and pulled out the fuse to kill the circuit all together.. this solved the problem.. but doesnt "solve the problem"

    i dont know the brand or who fitted them ([MENTION=35088]aussieak[/MENTION] any help here?) the control unit is black and square.. one red square button and about 5-6 red lights in a horizontal row above the button.

    Powered via a relay and fuse is between the relay and the heated grips not between battery and relay.

    any ideas?

  2. Fanks mate.. who fitted em? you or 60degrees? (pm me maybe to keep the names of the innocent etc.. )
  3. no one is innocent
  4. If it's just the one hand getting hot, anything you've been doing with that to get it all hot and bothered?
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  5. not on the corner of gardenvale road and nepean highway .. no.. :p
  6. I fitted them and had one of my netrider friends do the electrical. If only one side heated up sounds like the control box is playing up I would check there and see if water got inside :(
  7. Thats what i was hoping you would say.. when you say control box.. is that the part with the button and lights on it? or is there a hidden box somewhere that i should be looking for?

    im starting to wonder if maybe the control box just got too warm actually.. which would be annoying but easily fixed..
  8. Had a similar thing happen to me....

    Was riding in the Canberran depths of winter, right hand started getting quite hot...
    Tried to take hand off grip - no can do my winter glove has melted onto the grip!

    Unfortunately that bike had the heated grips that are part of the actual grip....(VS the heater element style installed directly on bars). The wires had melted through the grip and onto my glove! Quite a PITA considering I couldn't get my hand off the bar LOL....