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Suppose I should introduce myself

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by radness, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Long time reader first time poster.....

    Well I just brought my first road bike a couple of weeks ago. A honda vt250 Spada in gun metal grey. I Like my naked bikes. Been using it to commute to and from work and well atm I am riding everywhere I get the chance, unless its raining and I take my car.

    Grew up on a farm in central Victoria riding dirt bikes. Moved to the city for work and to find myself a nice girlfriend. (found the work no girlfriend).

    Having a strange time going from dirt bikes to road bikes. Although starting to feel a bit more comfortable on the road and on the bike.

    Have been reading the forums for a quite some time. Just trying to learn more about bikes and getting back into riding. Seems to be a great community which I hope to join.

    Anyway I Live and work in the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Work in IT am 24 Years old. I'm looking forward to joining and being able to contribute to the community.
  2. Welcome radness to the madhouse.

    Have fun lots of riders down SE way :biker:
  3. Welcome radness hope you enjoy the bike and the forums
  4. G'day & welcome.

    Just don't give any little black Arriba scoots grief :)
  5. Hi mate and welcome

    You should hang out in JB's you might meet a nice girl there ... :grin:
  6. Welcome radness.
  7. Hi Radness :)
  8. welcome aboard radness :grin:
  9. Welcome radness. Take care commuting. I gave up peak hour commuting after 3 'not my fault ' & 'I didn't see you' run-ins with half awake fellow commuters.
  10. That sounds likea proposition Mark,or the voice of experience :grin:

    Welcome dude,dont worry too much bout a road bike/trailbike transistion,ol school trailbike boys be kickin sum serious butt when it comes to the road.
    Mark and myself from that ol school trailbikes,countless others.You'll be riding like a demon :demon: in no time.And maybe even find a girlie too :grin:
  11. Welcome Rad :)
    Good you've finally voiced your presence.
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Should be fun.
  13. Welcome, and enjoy.....
  14. hi mate and welcome to netrider
  15. G'day Mate,
    Remember, Rubber side down.

    Stay upright and have fun!
  16. G'day radness, enjoy your spada! I've been using it to commute to the city every day i've had it - gets through some gaps the bigger bikes can't during gridlock too! :grin:
  17. welcome aboard radness.
  18. Hi and welcome :)
  19. G'day G'day