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Support Stookies first Music Release.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User_5, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. Hello everybody,
    As a musician, composer I have just had my first Australian release.
    It has gone up for sale yesterday on a number of International record sites.
    It will cost around $3-4 and I would love for some of you guys to buy it.

    Its chillout lounge type music and an easy to listen to song.

    Lil thinks its excellent and its been receiving some great reveiws.
    If i can get enough sales and it does well then I can apply to Australian immigration for a Talent Visa on Arts/Music grounds and with a good response I will hopefully get it.
    Its not going to make me rich by any means but hopefully seal my stay in Australia.

    So have a look at these sites and buy it please.




    The track Is called
    "the spirit he gained to move on" By J2D2
    Your help and support would be much appreciated..

  2. Congrats mate, I'll check it out at home.

    Onya Stookie!

    (You should release your next album under the "Stookie" name, it's hard to forget.)
  3. Hey how come i didnt get a netrider member thing.....I paid my dues ?
  4. who's go the bittorrent link to the albums :p

    (just joking)
  5. Congratulations Stookie, that is a mammoth effort, and one you should really proud of !

    About to order mine now. Do you think it will go well back to back with KISS ????

  6. If anybody want to give an opinion of my effort then please do so but if its not your style dont simply say its shit.

    Thanks guys, keen to hear what you think !
  7. Read jason's post; you've got to update your profile, it woiks, honest

    Hey how do you download more than one copy at a time of the track???
  8. Good stuff mate. Not really my style of stuff I like. Anyway, I wonder if I worked with anyone at bellarine recordings when I was in bands + living in geelong. The sunken steamer logo is the steamer that is about 100 yards from my parents place in Indented Head (going there this weekend actually)

    I used to go diving off it as a teenager til it fully sunk below sea level. Theres some trivia for ya :) I played in bands named "Stained" and "Undinism"
  9. C'mon folks, support your local (Scottish) talent!!! :LOL:
  10. Will definitely check it out tonight. Well done mate! :grin:
  11. had a quick listen to the smple on the webpage.

    remids me of Moby or similar. But the rap-esque(not sure what the correct term is) vocals don't do it for me. Then again im not a big clubber. Instumental side of things was good but a bit light on...*this may be due to the crappy speakers here at work*

    personal tastes aside, it seems good and flowed ok.

    well done.
  12. but it ain't got naw soond o tha pipes!! and ne'er a kilt ta be seen. :)
  13. Thanks josh......somebody with taste finally.....:)
  14. next time should i just say it was shit? :LOL:

    not quite for me but that doesn't mean i don't appreciate it....
  15. Exactly. Considering I did say it was good stuff, just not the style/genre I like

  16. Just a quick question dude; should you not be a bit more original with your name?? J2D2 is one hell of a bite of RJD2. I'm sure you can come up with something better mate.
  17. J2D2 has been my thing for over 12 years, my production, media and film release stuff. i never heard of RJD2 so cant comment ......ever think he maybe took it from me. JD my initials 2 is for number 2 as its tough being number 1......
  18. Josh is a mate drew so he kinda has to say that......DONT YOU JOSH ?
    I can understand its not your cup of tea. Rock and guitar stuff is not mine.
    im a bit of a electronic technology freak.