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Support Safeway on Tuesday the 23rd of Jan

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Pink Angel, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I have passing this information to as many places as possible, as I feel it is a way of supporting our farmers and believe they need our support:

    On the 23 January 2007, Safeway will be donating its entire supermarket's
    profits for the day to the drought relief. The funds will primarily be used
    by the CWA for immediate support for rural families with the remainder to help
    fund research into sustainable farming practices. This is expected to be in
    excess of $3 million dollars.

    So do your shopping on the 23 January and you will be helping farming
    families who are currently doing it tough. (I've checked this out the woolworths
    website and this is a legitimate offer).

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  3. This would be the same Woolworths that for years has been paying farmers the bare minimum for produce whilst reaping the profits from over-inflated prices for the consumer.
  4. I thought the same thing.

    It is a brilliant idea, but surely if they paid the farmers that little bit extra (god knows that its not the farmers making the profits) then they wouldn't get the publicity and accolades that go with the promotion :evil: , so I will support them on this occasion.
  5. Exactly.

    Do even more for the farmers but supporting the independent green grocers who buy direct from the farms instead of supporting the big multi national companies.
  6. Easier said than done; especially these days when the avg family needs to stretch the
    dollar as much as possible more than ever.
  7. :? Don't know which independant greengrocers you're going to but all the ones I've been to are actually cheaper than the large supermarkets (they usually often sell cheap eggs, milk and bread too). Supermarkets may buy in bulk but they've also got a lot of overheads (ie maintaining large stores, advertising etc.)