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Support for World's Greatest Shave!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by phongus, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow crotch rocket riders!

    It is time for me to stop procrastinating and actually do something different while at the same time helping out the unfortunate. So I thought I'd give World's Greatest Shave a try in 2012. (Movember was another option, however since I only shave once a week, it'll take me another year to grow anything worthwhile for Moevember...pros and cons for being Asian.)

    The date for the World's Greatest Shave is set between 15th and 17th of March 2012. So it is a while yet before the main event, which gives me plenty of time to reach my target goal of $1500. I know it seems a little steep, but it would be nice to reach that marker.

    To up the stakes, I will colour my hair on the 15th and then shave it all off on the 17th...2 for the price of one :D. Now I have never coloured my hair nor have I ever had my hair shaven...so this is quite out of my comfort zone, but I will go through with it for a good cause. So I ask for your support and help me reach my target goal :). Every dollar counts and all donations will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a link to my profile page at the Leukaemia Foundation. Donations/Sponsorships can be made online or you can give me cash when I receive my receipt booklet which should be in the mail.


    Thank you all in advance :)

  2. Phongy, great idea mate! I do it every year since 2009 (when i had to shave my head for my job in january!). All i can offer you is some reassurance about losing your hair. At first it's a bit weird, but after the first week or so, i absolutely loved it! Plus you're raising money for the kiddies, which gives you credit to perform kitten-killing motorcycle antics!

    Good luck with it all! Hope you reach your target!
  3. Thanks cb rookie! I hope to reach my target too. It's a long way to go so plenty of time :).
  4. good work! im pondering doing the same thing as i havent had short hair since i was a wee little 'un.

    good luck, may donate soon ;)
  5. Hey Rookie - how's it going, mate? Y'alright? Good to see you up and typing.
  6. Hey KD - not too bad. I'm a bit pissed off about my bike. I'll give a full rendition after everything has been properly finalised.
    The bike is a bit worse for wear, with the damage bill coming in at baout $2,500 less than the amount the bike is worth on my policy! (and they're still unclear as to whether they'll write it off!)
    Lucky I had a great witness statement, but turns out they may really have only been useful for the police - Still good to have though.
    So if my bike is repaired, I think I'll upgrade as soon as practicable - don't want a patched up machine. I'll have to see how it runs first though i spose.
    I was thinking about big machines, but had a nightmare about getting a ZX14 :p
    So in fairy land, i was meant to collect a ZX6R, but was instead told i'd bought a 14, which was most unmanageable for myself! haha, woke up not wanting to go near one!
  7. Well it is now 2012 for both my cultures and I thought I'd give this thread a bump in hope there will be an increase in donations from you lovely NR members. I know people are probably recovering from the spending season so it'll probably be a slow pick up, but I am being optimistic in achieving my goal.

    I hope everyone enjoyed their breaks...I wish it could have been longer though haha.

    Thank you all
  8. Well the votes have been counted and it looks like I will have purple hair for the 2 days prior to the shave. Happy to post up pictures for those interested...
  9. Well the colouring didn't turn out the way I wanted...nor did it turn out the colour of choice. Having black hair makes it harder to bleach and colour.

    Didn't have enough to bleach the hair completely "platinum" for a better canvas for the colour to go on...so went with what we had and unfortunately the purple we put on, washed out and made the hair red instead.

    Here is a link to my Facebook album which I have set to Public...so anyone should be able to see it.

  10. nice phongus I sponsor the leukaemia foundation in cairns