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supplies and where to buy

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Yudi, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I like to service my bike (kawasaki w800) as much as possible, mostly follow the excellent service manual. I am hoping some of you might be able to offer suggestions on what (brand) and where to buy supplies.

    where to get the following and what brand is preferred:
    • Non-permanent locking agent (the existing one on the bolts is red in color)
    • HIgh temp grease
    • Oil Filter Cup Wrench (think mine needs a 64.5mm) - I have one to get it off but need one to tighten the filter to the right torque.
    Some of other supplies mentioned in the manual:
    • Molybdenum disulfide grease
    • silicone grease
    • silicone sealant
    • high-lock agent ?? (not sure what this is but the manual suggests to use this for Oil Pressure Relief Valve)
    I am in Sydney so guessing MCAS or Bikebiz stock some of this stuff (or I dont mind getting it online) but before I go there I want to be sure what I want to get. Sometimes the store staff try to push whatever they have in stock and I was less than impressed with their recommendations in the past.

  2. BURSONS have most of this stuff, I was in there yesterday. Not open on weekends though, well only 'til 12 on Saturday. Try REPCO as well.
  3. Super Repco Barn. No need to go to a bike shop for any of these.

    Loctite and it's competitors come in a few different grades. Just get the lightest, as it's made to undo again. Middle grades are made undo if you are serious and may need to apply heat. Higher grades need heat and are for things that are never meant to come apart.

    Wheel bearing grease will pass as high temp grease for motorcycling purposes.

    Molybdnum is an additive to grease to make it high temp You end up with grey grease. You can buy it ready mixed. You can use it if you like, but wheel bearing grease will likely suffice.

    Filter wrenches come in different types. I have two. A cheap one that's a bit like one of those horrid fully adjustable wrenches that should never go near a bolt. The other one has three fingers that can get at the end of a oil filter and you use a 1/2" drive in it. It's good for filters that are in a recess.

    I like to replace my filters with K&Ns because they have the nut on the end of them. This you will need to get from a bike shop or on line.

    Liquid gaskets come in all sorts of grades. Some are meant for water applications, some are for oil and some are for grease. don't use general purpose silicon.
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  4. Thanks for the input. I need to get a proper filter wrench (for tightening) as the K&N filter with nut wont work. The filter has a cover to protect it so cannot use the K&N one with nut, otherwise the cover wont fit!.
  5. Spin the oil filter on by hand until it contacts the base of the housing or crankcase, then tighten by hand a further 1/4 turn and you are done. No need to put them on with filter wrench.

    Unless you are servicing wheel bearings, why do you need the grease? High temperature bearing grease is the same as moly grease.
    Why silicone grease? Are you working on switches etc? If not no need for it.

    Do not buy Red loctite for the bike. It will need high heat to break the seal next time. Blue mild strength is all that is needed should your brake calipers require thread locking compound.
    There are no other external parts that would require thread lock.

    You are mentioning a lot of stuff that is not used in the course of normal servicing.
  6. Agree, never tighten an oil filter with a tool. Thd tool is for getting it off.
  7. Some bikes, like my RT, you HAVE to use the tool to tighten the filter because it's recessed in the casing. That doesn't mean you go all gorilla on it though. Sanity must prevail!
    The Hi-Flo filters are the same as the K&N (same factory and all I believe) just without the nut, if it's the nut that's the problem.

    Other than that, all the consumables should be available in a decent auto-parts shop. I like Loktite brand locking agent, but I think most of them are pretty much the same. Pay attention to the release strength though. I wouldn't use anything over a 'medium' locking agent, especially on smaller threads. Anything under 6mm I'd go for a 'low' strength one so you don't end up snapping screws/bolts or chewing out heads.
  8. Yep that used to be the case with most of the bikes but I dont think it holds for all bikes, the service manual expressly states:

    Torque - Oil Filter: 17 N·m (1.7 kgf·m, 13 ft·lb)
    ○ Hand tightening of the oil filter can not be allowed since it does not reach to this tightening torque.

    I dont know the reason for this but someone with more technical knowledge can shed some light.

    Needed the high-temp grease for use with the seal around the wheel hub (was replacing the tires and it is recommended to use this apparently to stop dirt from getting in)

    The other stuff, I was just curious. I do a bit more than general service, like to expand my knowledge.