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Supersports bikes,they really,really dont want pillions do they?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rabbito, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Not according to Honda,but they are not alone in spartan comforts for the one on the back.
    I admire a girl who can put her knees behind her ears..but as a seating position it cant be good for any length of time.


  2. I've always wondered if the exhaust makes it even worse... They'd have to warm the seat up a bit wouldn't they?

    Looks pretty bloody cramped nonetheless...
  3. Oh that looks comfortable, especially on a long trip.
  4. I've been on the back of a 675 for 3km to get to Turn 1 Kensington from La Trobe St.
    Never again will I be a pillion, particularly with another dude operating the bike.
    There's just too many oopsy what did I touch moments.
  5. Ugh. I pillioned my GF on a ZX10 a while back and she absolutely hated it. She loved the 600F4i though.

    Methinks supersports are a 'me' bike not a 'we' bike.
  6. The pillion seat on my wifes M750 is close to the worst I've seen. Not only is it narrow but it actually slopes backwards. I haven't pillioned on it, but our kids used to, they'd prefer to stay at home.
  7. i've been a pillion on a 07 CBR1000 and didnt have any problems
    and i've pillioned quite a few girls on my zx6...only complaint was the seat was uncomfy from 1 passenger
  8. Never pillioned anyone on either of my bikes...personally, I think it's cruel having someone sit on such a tiny seat for an extended period of time ! And on the R1, with the underseat dual cans ??? A female would have a HOT arse, literally, after a short while (y)

    Rabbito, love the pic mate. It seems she (pillion) is rather comfortable hanging onto....erm... ? :)
  9. "Ah honey, that's not a grab rail"
  10. Thought the pic above was maybe the missus and I for a second as almost same bike, just checking with her and she loves pillioning on it. No hot arse from the zorst at all but the knees do get a little sore after a while although we were up the Yarra Valley for 5hrs the other week (with a few stops) and she was fine.
  11. =D> Was thinking that myself. Is she trying to Short shift him. Nice rig.
  12. It's not too bad on the back - i rate the gsxr1000 the worst, I don't hold on to the rider and holding the tank on one of those is a back killer, that said my son did 800km on one with the rider wearing one of those pillion belts (on 2 40+ days) and he only mentioned a sore arse once.

    If you are riding the way a sportsbike is meant to be ridden your arms and legs do get a workout.
  13. I reckon my 636 would be pretty good as far as pillioning goes. Nice big handles, broad seat; but Miss Bonk's dad has a BMW with a sheepskin cover and a Givi top-box she can lean against, so of course my bike may as well be made of used syringes and smoldering BBQ briquettes as far as comfort goes...

  14. I've pillioned on the back of a cbr600rr 07 or 08 model recentlyish for a 100km trip. I found it quite uncomfortable on my ass, and knees, but i sucked it up because i'm not soft. I'm 5'11" and 75kg. Pretty normal height and weight, i suppose.

    Though i have nothing to compare the experience too.
  15. My gf loves it. She's got her own bike now but she still gets on the back of the 675.

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  16. @ DRMAT..was she wearing a pink G on the day?..the next shot was not sharp,so I ditched it.
  17. IMO supersports should come standard with a cowl and the seat and pegs should be the optional extra.
  18. I'm with you. Andmake them very expensive options. But then again I don't have a GF wonder why lol
    I bought a new bike and a border collie instead
  19. my 636 is pretty comfy for the pillion i guess but it was terrible for me, in the end we found it was less uncomfortable for her to hang on to my backpack and just sit upright so she wasnt resting on me.

    the first time i took my ex on the bike after the first stop at the lights she joined me on my seat and proclaimed that it was much more comfortable than sitting "way up there" and could she just stay sitting there... :/
  20. She liked pillioning on an F4i? Or riding one of her own? I freaking LOATHE taking pillions on my F4i ](*,) My wrists get so damned sore from supporting the weight under braking [-(