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supersport posture on a naked??

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dorikin234, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. hi riders,
    just wondering....is it possible to get a sports rider posture on a naked?
    i dont have a bike yet but im just seein if its a can/cant do, because i like a naked but i prefer the posture of a sports bike (leaning forwards) rather than an upright one...
    eg. change the handle bars on a VTR250 to something lower, therefore making the rider lean forward.
    can anyone understand what i just said?? HAHA
    sorry, im like 16...really eager to get a bike wen im of age.

  2. yes
    +add clipons and adjustable rearsets and u are there.
    may need a diffrent top triple clamp depending on model
  3. Just buy a Spada instead.
  4. +1 buy my spada

    it's got herpes :p :p

    mmm for a VTR, just need clip-ons (sportsbike grips, as there is no handlebar, per se.), and adjustable rear-sets (rear footpegs n all that).

    i believe ihaveduff has some clip-ons on their VTR.... https://netrider.net.au/forums/garage.php?mode=view_vehicle&CID=339
  6. Yup, duff "Clip on hadlebars, made by Tingate Racing for the SV650, fits the VTR250."

    They look fantastic on it!
  7. sweeeet! thanks guys
  8. Alternately, be a 6'4 giant and end up leaning forward a little bit to get the right amount of arm-bend even with the stock bars! ;)

    Admittedly it's not quite 'supersport racereplica' posture, but I found it a nice compromise between too-upright touring and too-forward race-replica.