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supersport insurance

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mr_roboto, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Im 22. How much will it be for me to insure a 2006-08 ZX6R, comprehensively?

    I've had my car licence for 4 years, but just got my bike one in the last year. I've got a 55% no claim bonus with my car, but my car insurer doesn't insure bikes.

    What should I expect in terms of premiums, excesses for the ninja?


  2. insure my ride quoted me at about 1200 a year...

    is that normal?
  3. i have no idea - best thing to do is ring several insurance companies yourself & get quotes.
  4. +1
    Everyone's situation is different ( ie age, location, past history )
    Get on the Phone and get yourself some quotes :roll:
  5. I've always found Shannons to be the cheapest, but I think they have and age limit, so may not be any good. Other than that I've always been with Western QBE.
  6. lol. helpful.
  7. LOL OMG uv confuzed us wid da inserence compeny.

    If you get charged any less than $1500 full comp I'll be surprised - for decent insurance.
  8. +1

    $1200 is VERY cheap.
  9. That was from insuremyride.

    I've heard of people being quoted 6000 a year for a zx6r... Surely that's bullshit?

    I think the guy was 18-19 though.
  10. I was quoted 8000 a year for an r1, thats from NRMA though.

    Can get much lower with insure my ride.
  11. 1200 is pretty standard. That's about what I pay for my blade, but I am a bit older 26. The good thing with insure my ride is that they will take your car insurance history into count, something other companies do not.
  12. Does anyone subscribe the theory that $1200 a year to insure (lets say) a $15000 is A LOT considering it is 8% of purchase price per year?

    Anyone here consider self insurance to be a better option? i.e. put aside the $1200 a year into a high interest account like CBA's netsaver and if you are careful after 5 years without incident you will have close to $7000 cash to your name?

    This must be a technique that is adopted by some bike riders considering many young persons with massive insurance premiums.
  13. and that will cover a Merc CL500 (or any third party) how?

    Its absolutely disgusting that we dont have MANDATORY 3rd Party Propert Insurance.
  14. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=50956&highlight=
  15. Thanks Port - and yes in that thread its well explained. However, the above does refers to $1200 (approx.) too be saved away.
    As the majority of the thread is referring to $1200 - it can be safely assumed the Poster was not factoring in using a portion for 3rd Party insurance. Hence no insurance, which would pi$$ me off if he hit my bike or car (no not a CL500), especially if I only had 3rd party.
  16. Yes, that link is what I was thinking.. obvously (or actually I shouldn't make that assumption) third party insurance is a must, for the example given (smash up a merc or worse!!
  17. You'd be surprised how small details can make a huge difference, worth calling around
  18. $1200 seems like a great price. I imagine you've got a good rating already and no record of any kind. TBH, I don't think you'd do much better than that with any other insurer.
  19. interesting... i got quoted for $700 full comp on a cbr 250... H OW DOES THIS WORK!!! ZOMG Con Fuzed lesh... rofl.....
  20. I'II second that!