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Supersport comfort/pillioning

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by vtr_rida, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Ok, so it's gonna be a year till i get my next bike :( But.. Can't help but think about bigger bikes now. Really like the look of the 05 supersport models, especially.. um well all of them! But my question is; how do 600's go with a pillion? And also for comfort long dist? Not twins, the four pot supersport variety.

    If I was gonna use it for

    - Almost no weekday commute
    - weekend fast twistie rides mostly without pillion
    - a lengthy roadtrip every 6/12 months with light pillion

    Is a roadtrip even doable on a supersport 600? Or is it unbearable? I really like the scream of sport bikes.

    Honda vtr1000, Suzi SV1000, Blackbird don't really interest me as much, still sweet bikes thou and would come into consideration if more suited.

  2. It's all doable, especially if she's small. But you might have to stop a bit more frequently, you'll both get a bit sore and crampy. I've heard of a guy that did a 1600km day on a new R6. He said it was bloody torture though.
  3. I'd suggest buy around what you are going to mostly use it for. As Loz said, you'll probably need to stop more often when 2up, but you said that won't happen very often.
  4. NO modern supersport is going to be even remotely comfortable for a pillion (even for a short trip), or in any way pleasant to ride with a pillion on it.

    The best you can hope for is a tolerant pillion

    And as for a long trip, dont even think it.

    If you think you're going to do a lot of that there are bikes which cater better for that like FZ6, Z750, ER6 etc.
  5. I got my pillion seat reupholstered for a pillion. It became even more comfy with the addition of a rubber non slip cover (available on ebay).

    No more pillion complaints.

    With a suitable range of oxford soft panniers or a ventura rack set up, you should be able to tour with a pillion no problems at all.

    The sportier the bike though, the more pain on your wrists you will feel with a long haul. 400km per day should be doable on all but the real exotica.
  6. 400km per day ISNT touring.

  7. LOL ...depends on which bit of the country you're travelling through SS.

    I think 400km's on a 999 might see you in need of a chiro... on my 9R I'd just need a stretch.
  8. i just bought a ZX6R 636 with very simmilar requirements. just need to wait till im off restrictions to pick it up May 16 hurry up. i dont think a pillion would be very comfortable but the much better half rides herself so problem solved. i did read a road test somewere i think it was a 600 honda launch were the writer got honda to agree to letting him leave the phillip island launch and take the bike to perth which i think he did in 4 days so a tour is at least possible.