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Supersport BMW or Ducati?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by CHLLR, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Gday everyone!

    Currently riding a 2014 RSV4 APRC ABS.
    Love the bike, it's an awesome machine but 2015 brings some amazing machines with some great technology.

    I will test these bikes once they are available to, but I am wondering if people can give me some info that they have or even share your opinions.

    Panigale 1299 vs S1000RR vs HP4. Now I am not really sure on the main differences between the to beemer models.

    I am NOT a track rider, I will take it to a track at some stage though with some friends but I am more a weekend rider. Cruises with the boys and the odd cruise with our girls up back.
    (My mrs doesnt mind sitting up on the rsv4 either)

    I have had plenty of bikes in the past, 08' gixxer 1000 for example.. No tech in that thing, and never had an issue. But it is nice to know there are all these new features than can assist. :)

    Thoughts on the 3 bikes?
  2. Someone pass me the popcorn!

    All great bikes, only way to really answer it is to try them all for yourself.
  3. HP4 is a more refined S100RR, it is lighter, has slightly more power, electronic suspension, better brakes etc. So if you are interested in electronics on bikes then the HP4 would be the way to go. I have no experience with any of these bikes personally apart from you-tube :p But I think they are the pinnacle of what is available on the market at the moment. Best advice is ride them all and see which grabs your fancy the most. Sorry if this is not very helpful.
  4. What a delightful problem to have!

    I have a soft spot for the S1000RR so that would be my choice.
  5. Why not, it's been a while since I had a laugh.
    Paging NAKNAK
    Paging RRdevilRRdevil

    If it was my money, I'd be seriously looking at the KTM RC8 too.
  6. I seen a white RC8 on the Narellen Rd, C'town the day before yesterday. Beautiful bike!
  7. I rate them, they're rare, fast enough, handle well enough and are a bit more raw (when you want it).
    Best of all they don't look like every other SuperSports bike out there.
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  8. I was sure they'd be at it already with their usual dyno/brochure/fanboy talk.
  9. Hard to just jump on these and test ride... spoken to city ducati and bmw... they only order once someone has put a deposit on one..
    Demo's are miles away. :-(
  10. why are you wanting to update ??
    from what I can see, all bikes have the same "great technology" except for the electronic suspension etc on the BMW.. but I imagine you are not riding the wheels off the RSV4 so why ??
    is it just because you can ?? trying to impress your mates ??
    if so, go for something a little more exotic like the RC8 as mentioned.. different exhaust note to the usual "sewing machine" 4's.. easier to ride quick due to low down torque.. but if it's mates/other riders you are wanting to impress, just wait for the Kawasaki H2R

  11. I certainly don't buy bikes to 'impress my mates' HAHA. I'm not 12.

    I buy bikes because I like them, I like new bikes and I like having nice bikes :)
    I also like having current models if financials permit.

    Had a good offer on the RSV4 so I'll just need to tip in a few k and I'll have a new bike! :)

    Just tough when they arent on the floors yet and I cant just jump on one and demo it.
    RC8 is cool, but not for me.

    New Aprilia Rsv4 RR looks sweet... But too similar to what I have now.

    Bikes I'm looking at have quick down shift, and cornering abs which I like.
    I know first hand when out on spirited riding through the bends, it is easy to run wide or come in to hot.
    First reaction for everyone, including me is to grab the brake and up it comes.

    This will eliminate the thought to downshit, using the clutch, the bike standing under hard braking so you can concentrate more on the apex. Some people might not care but I like it.
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    good reply..
    taking that into mind.. just by the HP4.. it's the best of the lot ;)

    I thought the BMW was the only one you could quickshift DOWN.. usually quick down shifts will destroy the gearbox..
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    HP4 does look pretty sweet! I am strongly considering.
    Panigale is just the bestttttt looking bike getting around. (in my opinion)
    I cant afford a ferrari, but I can afford the ferrari of bikes. 1299.... :)
    ahhh I dunno...

    Cruise control on the S1000rr is sweet.
    But would I use it much? hmmm

    nup, 1299 has it too now.
  14. from all reports the 1199 Panigale is a pretty shitty (relative) street bike.. but an amazing track bike..hopefully the 1299 is different.. but I doubt it.. these are track weapons..
    they do look like all the most amazing women rolled onto two wheels.. but even the hottest chicks piss people off..
  15. haha!!!! Very... VERY true.

    But if they're hot we suck it up and put up with them right? ;-)
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    yep.. but I'm over looks these days..
    hell, my Superduke is a pretty ugly looking thing.. but I laugh every time I tip her in a bend and crack the throttle..
    I don't like traction control and ABS etc etc.. just me, the bike and the throttle.. no interference..

    OH.. and 1299 Pani looks like single seat only ;)
  17. single seat only? really????????????????? No way
  18. can't see where they would bolt pillion pegs..
  19. I had a look at all 3 bikes and it really comes down what you prefer. Looks vs functionality, ease of ride, safety aids, comfort etc

    Personally if it was related only to looks i would choose ducats 1299
    Overall if i had a look at all the pointers i mentioned i would choose the new bmws1000rr 2015 which should be even better than the hp4.
    I had placed an order on the BMW knowing I will be getting one of the most user friendly and powerful bikes that has all the safety aids if required.

    Hope this helps
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  20. You have ordered an 2015 S1000RR?