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Supersport, are they really worth it?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ayoung, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. I've been riding more than 18 months on the 250, and I'm so keen to upgrade.
    Picking a bike is my problem. I just want to see what people have to say.
    I always start looking around at the Kawa Z750 & Z1000, the FZ-1 & 6N's and the CB600F. But it never takes long for my eyes to stray over to the supersports, CBR, ZXR, YZR, GSXR, even the 675 get some attention, but is it really worth it?
    I commute to work everyday, only about 8-9kms, I ride glorious for breaky most saturdays, and do the odd 300km+ trip. I don't really see myself hitting the track but the supersport appeal is huge.
    I know as soon as I upgrade I will love my new bike, But what bugs you after owning a big bike, is there any advice you can give to sway me one way or the other.

  2. only a small commute and you dont appear to want to ride like rossi.

    My answer is a reverse of my first sentence...

    Go a daytona! why not if you are appealed to faired sports bikes.

    i have no issue at all with my r6, im 23 and a short bloke so i dont have the comfort issues that others complain about.
  3. ive been hit by the supersports bug. Not going to get anything else other than a supersports in a week or so. Leaning towards the CBR600RR
  4. test ride heaps of bikes and buy the one that leaves you grinning like an idiot. simple.
  5. That is not a commute, that is barely getting the bike warmed up.
    But apart from the commute what do you ride for?
    For me I was saying sports tourer all the way up until I punted through my first sets of twisties with some of the lunatics around here, and then I just said head down arse up all the way and then all I wanted was a CBR600RR or a Daytona. After riding a couple of CBRs and Acknowledging that I couldn’t fund a 675, I had a play on the R6… And absolutely loved it.
    I wanted to like the Honda, but the Yammy just worked better for me.
    So go out and get a leg over everything you can. You may be surprised which bike gives you wood.
  6. ducati :popcorn:
  7. Supersports bikes are generally harder to ride in general use than bikes that are designed to be more broadly focused. Standards and nakeds tend to have all sorts of practicalities built in that supersports don't. Sportsbikes are beaut when it's time for a f*cking good fang, but in general I'd say your Zs, FZs and CBs feel more fun for the 95% of the time you're not going balls-to-the-wall. They're also generally quicker bikes for building confidence and speed on, because they're less demanding. Plus let's not forget, the insurers and the coppers love bending sportsbike riders over.

    I reckon a street triple 675 or striple R is a bloody sensational midrange bike that delivers a heap of fun and confidence within the speed limit and up to 200kmh.

    If you're a good enough rider to make the most of a supersports - ie. you need the aerodynamics because you spend a lot of time over 150kmh, or you need the ground clearance because you're scraping pegs everywhere - then go bananas, you'll love the sportsbikes. But if you're an average rider, it's just wank. I don't buy this "get whatever you're gonna drool over" crap, 90% of sportsbikes just look like wood ducks in the twisties.
  8. for the track, supersport yes, for the road, supersport no, just dont need that power for the roads, way to hard to stick to 60, list goes on
  9. I don't agree with this statement..

    I got my unrestricted motorbike licence a few weeks ago and went out and did test rides on 4 bikes (demo zx6r, demo r6, used cbr600rr, used r6) and the r6's gave me the biggest "grin" out of the bikes i test rode but overall i would lean towards buying a cbr600rr rather than an r6.

    I felt like rossi / a monkey on top of the tank on the r6 and it was uncomfortable after 15 minutes of riding. The cbr600rr was more comfortable and i felt better throwing it around. The cbr was less fun compared to the r6, but for the type of riding I do, it is definately more appealing to me.
  10. I was in the same boat looking to upgrade from my gpz250. I looked for ages at the er6f test rode one and was going to buy it. Then I test rode a cbr600 and there was no looking back, had to buy it. That was about a year ago. I use it to commute (18km), weekend rides and Ive done a couple of track days on it. The only time ive found it uncomfortable was towards the end of each day on a 4 day ride we did up to jindabyne and back. I'd probably find a naked etc. just as much fun however I liked the looked of the faired bikes better.
  11. What you need is a supersport bike that is comfy for general riding...that rules out the trumpet for most due to it's fairly aggressive seating position (relatively speaking of course).
    I did a fair few miles on the CBR600RR and found it very comfortable - surprisingly so, and felt that I could ride it all day without a rest. (I need a rest riding the thou)
    This bike (06 and onwards, is an absolute pearler, and nails it in every respect. But that's me. YOU need to find one that feels that way for you....and I'd hazard a guess and say either the honda or the susuki if you keep within the last 3 yrs.
    As FL said...get out there and get your arsk in the seats and try them all out. You may find they just are'nt right for you, or you may just find that they are. <wink> :)....Putting comfort aside, they are all outstanding machines these days, so you really can't go wrong. :)

  12. If you aspire to be an idiot, do that. Otherwise, don't be afraid to involve your brain in making the decision.
  13. Buy the bike that is going to best suit the type of riding that you are doing now, WITH the thought in mind that, once you HAVE a bigger bike, you will probably expand your riding horizons considerably. Don't make the mistake that a lot of us have of buying too small, and don't listen to your mates who say, "Buy the &^$^&*, mate, I've got one and they're great." They may very well be great, but they probably won't suit you.

    Buy an "all round" bike; something that is going to do an excellent job of any sort of riding that you'll be likely to do. Beware the "narrow-focus" bike that does one thing brilliantly (supersport 600's). Yes, you CAN tour on an R6 but be sure that you're good friends with your local chiropractor.

  14. +1 to this, for most of us the biggest difference is the part that connects the handlebars to the seat.

    As for corner clearance wank, well sure some many run out of clearance when you REALLY start to get a move along you may just start to touch down pegs, when you do more your ass and body position further to the inside of the bike and you generally got plenty again
  15. Personally I wouldn't buy one, but if they float your boat, then get it. The commute will be a little hassle, but over that distance you can live with it. Then have fun on the weekend.

    Get it out of your system, then get a real bike.
  16. Harden up folks. Sporties can commute, hoon in the twisties, tour, etc. For your described riding a 250cc would be the most sensible choice. Bike riding/choice isn't based on logic so just get whatever you want. If comfort is a worry, look at pre~2003 sportsbikes as the bars are typically higher. Can also just buy some risers.
  17. supersports shit me. unless you take it to the track often enough its a massive wank.

    theres so much more to motorcycling than what they can give you and they have so many draw backs #1 is the patheticly gutless torqueless high revving nature of thier engines.

    you should own at least 1 in your life. then go and ride a litre naked and a motard and a cruiser and see how limmiting sporties really are
  18. 07' ZX10R

    * Plastic sucks
    * Cost a bit to replace
    * Will sustain superficial chips eventually. Esp. the undersides

    * Will have to put up with high premiums for a couple of years.

    * Servicing is not cheap, but I found you can DIY most stuff with the right tools.

    * more cylinders = higher rego

    Laws of the land:
    * I am Spartacus!

    * That ram air-intake howl is something else from another planet.
    * Power everywhere you want it
    * 0-100 in ~3s
    * Every night you will be visited by a hot chick who gives you a sponge bath.
  19. I was just thinking along similar lines last night. Get my litre supersports next, ride it for a couple of years while my neck and shoulders can hack it...then swp it for a sports tourer.
  20. Do you prefer the smell of your own fart, or someone elses?