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Super's are here again... woot! woot!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nobby, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. WSB @ The Island .. 25 - 27/2/11

    So what's everybody doing?

    Day tripping?
    Renting a house/caravan?
    Already own a house?

    or just plain not going?

    We will be down there for the 3 days in our usual possy (on the roof above pit straight) but renting a house this year instead of doing the run up and down from Beigewick to the Island everyday, I have a suspicion that this year Plod will make their presence know even more than previous years and the speeding fines I may collect would far outway what I will pay in holiday rental.

    The Supers (IMO) is far better than the MotoGP circus, so if you haven't been down to the Island to witness a real bike race, I can only strongly suggest you give it a try.

    See you'se down there.

    Woot! woot!
  2. the plod ... he plod are being arsehats every where atm.

    ie. Bulleen/heidleberg 3 cars speed trap, one on either side of the bell street hill the austin is on, and the third around near corner of Templestowe Manningham road doing an absolutely roaring trade of sub 15km/h tickets on saturday morning just gone.

    I'm easily seeing twice, maybe three times the usual number of unmarked and partially marked cars, and yet the last fortnight I have seen only 4 marked cars( i do 140km to work and back).

    Victoria Police, the best Ninja impersonators in the business of ripping the average user off.

    back ot, i'm hoping to get a day off to head down for my first PI experience. Might be a case of staying at sis and bro in laws at chelsea and going on from there though.
  3. I'm heading down and staying at a house for 3 days. Being able ride around the track on your bike and pick a viewing spot is just gold. Good racers and sweeeeeeeeet bikes to.
  4. I'm there from 12.00 Thursday as I'm on the scrutineering team. We have to allocate the tyres to the teams & check over the bikes. Staying at a mates place in San Remo, driving back & foward to the track each day.
  5. i'll be down there for one day, not sure but most likely the saturday.

    fingers crossed for sunny weather.
  6. I'm riding down with some work colleagues.....staying on the island somewhere (I think?). Caaan't wait! First time!

  7. will ride down for a day.

  8. What what what!!!

    that is awesome!
  9. Haven't planned that far ahead yet...wouldn't mind trecking down, have never been to a superbike/motoGP event, even though I have been a flag marshal at Interclub and VicTitles...best seats in the house :p
  10. yeah its way better than the lame motogp...
  11. I bet it is!

    I was going to try and get that gig for the supers but never got around to it :(
  12. I'll be there from Thursday AM until stumps on Sunday. I'm "pit bitchin" for a good mate who is in the 600 class. Got a house tee'd up. Might also have a couple of spare beds if anyone is interested.
  13. Hi,

    I usually hang out with NSWRiders (SW Sydney based) but looking to tag along with others heading down to Phillip Island for WSBK. There is nothing doing with NSWR so thought I would try my luck with Netrider. Not keen to ride down on my own and at this late notice have discovered accomodation almost totally gone (with the exception of a 4 bedroom house in Cowes I found online for just $750 per night!!!).

    I realise this is real short notice but work situation (ie. about to lose my job!) only just changed to allow me to go. So, just wondering if anyone would be happy to take on a late starter for the ride down from Sydney and has accomodation available on or near the Island for one more rider. Obviously will pay my share of all costs.

    Who am I?? My name is Pete, I'm perilously close to 50, ride a beautiful blue 2000 VFR800Honda, like to ride at a good pace but not a 'knee dragger' and dearly value my licence. Happy to sleep on the floor if that's all that's available re accomodation.

    Please message me or call me on MOB 0425 306 721.


  14. I'll be there again. I think this will be my 13th year in a row.

    Staying in a van in cowles, thursday through till monday.

  15. Be aware it's squid central - no helmet FTW!!!!!!

    I'm down for the weekend Friday through to Monday (not sure if I'll take friday off or just head down after work though
  16. double post woot woot
  17. This is 6 out of the last 7 for me. was in Cairns in 09 and figured it was just too damn far to commute ..
    Got the lot this year
    3 day roof top ticket, with pitlane access

    Can't bloody wait woot woot
  18. will be there from thursday arvo
  19. Hi Para, you survived Yasi, are you going as an official photographer or interested onlooker?