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Supermoto's - are they just dirtbikes with scooter wheels ?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Takamii, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Whats a supermoto ?

  4. Who cares

  5. Thats an insult to scooters

  6. They are a monstrosity and I would not cross the street to watch one burn

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Heard this expression the other day

    supermotos are dirt bikes with scooter wheels

    what do you think ?

  2. I thought that the point of buying a tard is that you don't give a feck what anyone else thinks?
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  3. yes true very true
  4. I had to look them up to know what you were talking about. Why bother?
  5. Mobile hooligan machines - but they need a larger fuel tank 10-12 is NFG to do a runner on.
    However, There is an aftermarket 23L tank for both the 796 and 1100 Ducati Hypermotard's.
  6. Counting down for the purists to chime in telling you these aren't 'real' 'tards :wink:
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  7. Titus,
    I tend to agree with the purists - neither the Hypermotard nor the Dosoduro do dirt well.
    Not like DR, XT or KLX anyway.
    Just makin the point their fuel tanks are tiny.
  8. True that, my SXV550 that I had got 70kms before reserve one time when I was having extra fun.

    I wish I still had it.

    The Ducati's are 50kgs too heavy. The SXV was 127kgs with about 70hp, it was harder to ride than my R1.
  9. Sumo's are epic. Small, flickable, fast fun and general hooliganism :) who cares what other people think.

    Also the doso and hyper aren't motards. Bikes like the factory Husky SMR630, KTM ones are the only real racing / fast type of sumo.
  10. ^^^ and there you go.
  11. Yeah, predictable but there is a grain of truth. Supermoto/motard are essentially race bikes of a particular kind. Whether they are road legal or functional is purely incidental.
    Built in a factory or a backyard shed, it's what they do when the flag drops that counts, and the big twins don't do all that well in this class.
  12. cruiser riders don't get it because they don't like going around corners or having at least 1 wheel off the ground :cheeky:

    ps. tank size is not relevant as you can go places cop cars/bikes cant go.

    pps. this thread is gay, part of having one of these bikes is not giving a **** about the haters, and this thread is the opposite.

    people that understand will give you a thumbs up and think you're crazy.
    people that dont understand will shake their heads and think you're crazy.

    in the end, its pretty crazy.

    ppps. i get my licence back at midnight, time to go ride some supermoto!
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  13. Fixed!
  14. fixed again :)
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