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Supermoto Pictures

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Takamii, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Post em up

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  2. I like those Husky's

    Here's me on my two stroke, it was pretty shitty as a road bike though.

  3. two stroke would be pretty good on the track though

    how does it go in thew tight stuff?
  4. Not great, if you don't keep it on the pipe the power delivery is pretty unpredictable and not all that confidence inspiring. There's no engine braking either so coming into corners it's 100% down to your disc brakes. Sounds pretty cool though.
  5. Not a picture, but I think it still counts?

    Many kittens were killed.
  6. [​IMG]

    Yeah that's a hunting bow and arrows attached. Found on Supermoto Junkies.
  7. Im getting this sticker for my next supermoto

  8. i wish i wasn't a keg with legs so I could get my feet on the ground on one of these
  9. Just do it!
  10. And the one with the lowest seat height is ????
  11. That I know of? 2003 (possibly earlier too) to 2007 KTM 450/525 EXCs have a stock seat height of 925mm, which is a few cms lower than other brands and newer models. This will drop a little with 17 inch wheels and you can either shave the seat or get a low seat which will get you a little lower.
  12. they can be lowered

    Race tards are very stiff and lowered

    My suspension guy quoted me about $850 to re spring the front and rear , re-valve and lower a ktm500exc if I wanted to make it a full on track bike to suit my 110kg fat ass

    That price is parts and labour
  13. a cool picture - staged of course, non the less still looks great

  14. ...................

  15. ................

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  16. [​IMG]

    Wait, wutlol?
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  17. What the...