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SuperMoto Coaching/Practice Day - 13th September Bairnsdale VIC

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by MOS, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Normally put them up in the racing/track forum but hoping there might be some more interest in the SM specific forum.

    Supermoto Magazine Australia and Chas Hern are hosting another Coaching/Practice day at the Bairnsdale kart track on Saturday 13th of september
    Event details and registration of interest are on FaceBook can be found HERE

    $80 if you have an MA license, $105 if you don't
    Sliders are required on:
    both axles
    I believe wraparound style handguards need to be fitted as well

    As far as gear leathers, boots, gloves and helmet, not sure if they still allow textiles best check with the organizer yourself,
    If you don't have leathers its worthwhile posting on the event page someone may have a spare pair they could loan you,

    Also of note Bairnsdale is a 100% bitumen track atm so no dirt section
  2. Damn if this was in NSW I'd be all over it! It's really good to see people trying to revive the sport of supermoto. I've only just got into it and am also a road racer. It's a great sport but it really needs to be built up a bit, but the first step is getting a good base of D graders.

    I entered a come and try day held by NSWSMR a few months back, very good idea and loved it.
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  3. That's the way we're trying to go about it bottom up, rather than top down like it was back when it was big
    NSWSMR is racing that weekend at Port Macquarie for those of you that side of the border,
    I was thinking of heading up but its about 1,300Km each way for me, so it's pretty hard to swing
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  4. This sounds awesome, not too far a trek from Canberra. I'm a pretty quick road rider, but have never been on the track. Any issues with first timers?

    Also, would my bike need a catch can?

  5. Sorry I missed this, my alerts always seem to stuff up,

    No issues with first timers and no need for a catch can, just the sliders listed in the first post,

    SM days at kart tracks are probably one of the best introductions to track riding, the average speeds are low compared to road race tracks but they're so much fun and you can get heaps of track time in.
    Very few people end up riding till the end of the day because they're too buggered!