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Supermoto as only bike?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' at netrider.net.au started by BiG DaN91, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. How many people have a supermotard as their only bike? Would you do it or stick to dedicated road bikes?

    I'm ready to upgrade from my vtr250 and leaning towards a supermoto. Gotta be able to do 10000kms a year, 99% road use, mainly max 80km/h roads, riding rain hail or shine.

    Looking for a drz400sm as its one of the more commuter friendly supermotos and doesnt require as much maintenance, anyone recommend any other bikes? Also planning on getting knobbies in the future for some offroading.
    The only thing putting me off the drz is everyones complaints about lack of power but i guess theres plenty of mods to bump it up a bit.

    Would love a ktm 690smc but they are a bit more expensive and not many for sale second hand.
  2. i had a KLX 250 for 55,000kms, 15,000 kms a year
    tyres were not supermoto though, just 18/21"s

    I would not get one as a road only bike (unless you really want/need it)
    they are GREAT in tight spaces, but not great on the highway (as you would expect)
    the engines do not last as long as road bikes IMO

    If you are going to go offroad however, get one tomorrow with 18/21 tyres!
    (these bikes are made for offroad, and this is where they SHINE!)

    you won't appreciate in on the road unless you are constantly riding in really tight twisties
    (and then going off on rocky gravel paths to china)

    bikes are always a compromise, you must decide what it is that you want it to do!
    there is a bike exactly for what you want!

    (check out the other supermto thread going now)
  3. DRZ would be your best choice or maybe the psuedo supermoto Yamaha XT660X

    they can be had for some good prices

  4. I've used my DRZ400SM for daily commuting for a couple of years now and wouldn't swap it for anything else (and I've tried other bikes). I ride from Dee Why to the city (20km each way) so rarely get over 80kph. It's narrow, nimble and is quick (rather than fast). Only negatives are the small tank and hard seat but it make up for that in every other way. Ilook forward to every single ride - unless it's lashing down with rain.

    My 2c.
  5. had a drz for a couple of years .. did everything possible on it .. great commuter and great bike to do the Sydney to the Island trip for the GP.

    it got stolen.

    tried to then get a Duke690 but didnt happen.

    So have had a WR250x for about 6 months now. Once the yoshi pipe went on it is great. Only thing it lacks is acceleration for overtaking in twisties.

    supermotos are tops! I only wish there was a more powerful option with decent service intervals :)
  6. If you can get 2 sets of wheels,

    17" road tyres

    18/21" knobbies

    you will be set up!!!

    but if you don't take it offroad, you are being cruel to yourself
  7. Yeah, I was considering a Super Duke or something bigger now I'm off my P's but I don't think it'll cut my commute time any more than modding my DRZ.
  8. DRZ400SM - bullet proof

    SM610 or 630 - note the sm not smr, the smr's are a race breed and their maintenance is worse than my mx bike

    Duke - either the super or 690 (people on here have the 690 and love it)

    Basically you need to determine your commute? 80KM/h roads you say? a WR250X would be fine for it but wont have the punch that others will.
  9. wr250x is a good bike - I had one - just my ass is to heavy for the 30hp

    Fuel injected , 10,000kms service intervals and first valve check at 30,000kms

    That little 250 really gave me confidence in cornering
  10. i reckon it'd be doable. get a more road orientated one, otherwise you'll spend more time in the shed than on the road, haha