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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mserider, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Firstly, i hope i have written this in the write forum section.

    What do people think about supermotards for a first learner bike apparently they are good bikes.

    If you know of any that are learner legal could you please list them..

    do you think it would be better to learn on a supermotard or a
    Suzuki GSX650F.

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  2. I believe the Suzuki DRZ400SM is on the list. I couldn't think of a better place to start :)
    I wouldn't want to recommend some of the hard core race models, though. Unless you're learning to race, that is.
  3. DRZ400 is perfect for so many reasons.
  4. :S

    sorry guys but that bike is :shock: disgusting
  5. You're concerned about how the bike looks but interested in motards? Sorry, the ducati hypermotard isn't LAMS.

    If you want something plastic and shiny, a gsx650f fits the bill.
  6. Disgusting why? Especially so coming from someone who admittedly knows jack about motards and/or learner bikes. Not to be too presumptuous, but why would you be asking the question otherwise.
  7. And is the Ducati Hypermotard REALLY a motard, Devo, or is it just a naked bike?
  8. Its a Naked Bike - cool - but just a naked.

    However, in Ruben Xauses hands - a weapon :LOL:
  9. Ahhh, your checking out some of my favorite sites. :grin:
  10. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah holy shit.
  11. love those shots of the sv650 mixing it up :LOL:
  12. Wrong forum it belongs in bike reviews.
  13. looks awesome :D
  14. ...

    ok its not disgusting but i am not a fan of the DRZ400 ,,, is sv650s a good bike ??
  15. You're 16? Get yourself a 250 and live to adulthood at least.
  16. Re: ...

    Yes, but it's not LAMS so forget it.

    What 'motard were you thinking, then? (I can see this is going to get nasty...)
  17. mserider - you really need to have a test ride of one of these things, or at least find a mate with a big-single engined trail bike. They're a weapon!

    I was loaned one, from a very generous friend of the family, so I could have a bike to learn on while I scraped cash together for my own. Bloody brilliant, I did a review on it a while ago and its here:

    Link to review

    Anywho, you'd have a blast if you got one on your L's. Same for any of the bigger trailies.

    Cheers - boingk

    MODS: This really does need to be moved to "Bike Reviews, Questions & Suggestions".
  18. Correct on all counts (except the crack.) It appears 'Zuki is having an ongoing feud with Vicroads about derestricting.

    Boingk, I'm sueing for selective editing. (True, but.)