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Supermotard questions: Commuting, Short Rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I'm completely obsessed with motards at the moment and wondering if any of you motard riders could offer some advice and suggestions? Basically two important issues I guess: I need to be able to commute (this includes 100km/h stretches, around 100km a day) and I am built like Dani Pedrosa (around 5ft 4, maybe 30" inseam).

    I kind of understand there are two kinds, the race focused ones (Husaberg FS 570 etc) and the more street friendly ones (Husky sm610, KTM LC4s) which require less maintenance. Basically I want something that I can commute and have fun on.

    It would be replacing my current bike, which is a Triumph Street Triple. The DRZ400SM is ok, but to be honest I want something different. Something... more. Probably not any 250s either.

    Most seem to have seat heights around the 900mm area, which is around 10cm taller than my Street Triple, and I've stood next to a DRZ and WR250X and it does look daunting. If I could get one foot down reasonably well that would be fine. How much does the rear compress when you sit on them? I only weigh around 60kg. How much can you lower them? Lowered 1" and shaving the seat seems like it would be a reasonable drop.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Let me get this straight... you want to trade a street triple for a motard???

    Why not just buy a cheap motard and have the best of both worlds.
  3. dr650 - Reliable, built more for the road and will eat up mile after mile and ask for more. Seat height with 17inch motard wheels is low as well
  4. dr650 reliable yes, fun, not as much as something else.

    decide how much maintenance you want to do then that decides what sort of bike to buy in the tard world haha. 690 smc is probably a wise choice.

    has good suspension and brakes, good scope for mods and enough fuel range. a standard one with standard gearing will hit around 175km/h so 100 km/h riding isnt too bad.
  5. Yeah the dr650 isn't exactly what I am looking for.

    Maintenance wise, I can do oil changes but based on my commuting it is the frequency of oil changes that can be a problem. I do about 300km just going to uni and back per week. So that rules out the racey type. :) I don't know how to check valves etc.

    The 690 SMC is one of the ones that interests me. Don't know if I can afford one though. What about the 625s etc?
  6. DR is perfect for you then. 5000km oil change intervals (officially) and checking the valves is so simple that anyone with a pulse can do it. They don't move anyway.

    Seriously, if you're technically challenged, it would probably be wise to stick with something fairly mainstream.
  7. the 625s are pretty good too, i nearly bought one. there will be some out in the market (either the 625 or 640) that have low kays. not a bad bike, they do vibrate but they are a big single cylinder.

    heres a 640 supermoto, 5,500km and asking $6,700. in sydney though so im not sure where you are. could get it freighted though.

    KTm supermoto

    i sometimes ride my wr450f supermoto to uni and back, its a 160 round trip on the highway for me for 1 day haha.

    my old man has a 690smc, hes only done 4,400km and changed the oil once. thats the only maintenance. not a bad bike though, alot better than the dr650 he had previously. but they are different bikes.

    have you thought about a husky 610?
  8. I have a Husqvarna SMR570 myself which is a race bike and I can tell you in no uncertain terms you do not want one at this end of the scale :p

    Have a damn good look at the Husqy 610sm, It's meant to be a brilliant street machine.
    Google moto aus as there's one for sale at the moment for a reasonable price.
  9. I have a 08 sm610 and love it, i commute and use it as my main vehicle. it will easily sit on 100 and is very fun to ride. At 5'8" im not exactly tall but i do have pretty proportionate sized legs for my height and i have no problem with it, in saying that my flat mate is a little bit taller than me but has short legs and struggles on it. Go sit on a few and see how you go but it shouldn't be a huge factor with buying it or not
  10. That is the plan. This is why the more street oriented ones like the KTM 625s and Husky 610s are appealing.

    Yeah I saw that one on bikesales too. I am in Sydney. Any idea what KTM and Husqvarna servicing and parts costs are like?
  11. they wont be too bad as you can get most stuff over the net rather than the local stealership.

    they arent the most complicated things, i think servicing for the 610 and 625/640 are around the 5,000km mark. i wouldnt imagine you would need many bits for servicing, just oil and maybe a filter.

    i know guys run filters off ebay for cheap with no dramas through their 610's, i personally just wash my filter out with petrol. easy to tell whats inside it then, then just put it back in.
  12. aprilia dorsoduro
  13. not a motard. too heavy. a wannabe. i wonder what it would be like off road. i wonder if it can do 120 ft tabletops like my wr ;)

    that 640 on bikesales would be a safe bet. then after that 'tard you can decide if you want another one thats more hardcore (converted mx/enduro) or less hardcore (hyper/dorsoduro/ktm vtwin).
  14. Turns out I live a few mins away from a dealership that also sells Huskys. I might go have a look tomorrow, just to get an idea of what they are like physically. From what I have read the sm610 is a smaller bike than the 625, and the pre-05 ones are much lower than other supermotos.

    What is the 610 like when it comes to stuff like curbs, stairs, dirt, wheelies and so on? :)
  15. any real supermoto will be fine for that sort of stuff, so no probs with the 610.
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    Well I got to sit on a sm610 today. I was surprised, it is tall for me but not impossible like I thought it might be. Tip toes with both feet or almost half of one foot is possible, plus the light weight makes it a little less daunting.

    This bike has a 35mm lower seat, haven't been able to find the seat online though:


    This scheme looks great:


    JimmyD posted this in another thread, most of their vids are worth watching: Sumo hooliganism [media=youtube]fGyMLg4k6hQ[/media]
  17. that first 610 with the marchesinis looks amazing.

    theres a big online husky shop, i cant remember the url but i'll have a trawl around and find it again. heaps of options seatwise.

    when i stop i usually just slide off the left side of the seat so my left foot is flat and my right foot is just floating when i ride tall bikes.
  18. I had a 640LC4 and now have a 690SM, both dedicated trackies and I can tell you there is a huge difference between the motors. The 640 is positively agricultural, the 690 is still pretty harsh compared to your Striple but is a handy commuter and say Old Road/RNP weapon.

    The Huskies would be closer to the 640 than the 690 so be careful that what seems endearingly noisy and vibey doesn't end up in being being regret.

    Also remember it costs bugger all to take whatever you buy to Zenodamper or Shock Treatment and get the suspension dropped 1/2 to 1 inch.
  19. all these bikes are never going to be a civilised street bike, so you dont treat them like one haha.