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superman spotted in tassie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. I was playing Superman in tassie today, dressed in my draggins, jacket & gloves when I highsided Mr. Percival.

    flew through the air and landed spread eagle on my guts. thankfully I'm fat enough, the landing wasn't that bad.

    my shoulder is sore as hell, cosmetic damage on the bike only.

    came around a right hander, target fixation on the carpark full of cars and people, then I realised there was a corner I needed to get around. gassed up the rear and it just stpped out sideways. The rear was sideways and in the gravel the front still on the bitumen. Then and the rear swung around and next thing I'm flying through the air. initially I suspected that I locked the rear but after much discussion and replaying the event in my head, the rear did not lock but it got into a slide. there was molten tar all around the tyre instead of one spot as you would expect had I locked the rear

    I hurt my already stuffed shoiulder. this time around I might actually get it repaied.

    4 nurofen plus tablets, a beer and a feed, should fix everything.

    really annoyed at myself for panicking on such an easy to correct error.

    ciao for now
  2. Glad ur ok Vic , hope it does not spoil your trip. see you when your back.
  3. Bummer Vic,
    next time remember that wearing your jocks over your pants doesn’t make you a superhero.
  4. Thoughts are with you on the sore shoulder, Vic. I hope it and the bike are raring to go again real soon....
  5. C'mon Vic. I believe the target fixation thing but be honest..... how little was the chick wearing. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Glad you are okay bud.
  6. Fatso the fat-arsed wombat wanted for questioning...

    Vic, you're a goose. Bad luck, glad it's nothing too serious. Keep on truckin'.
  7. Bloody hell vic - I wave goodbye to you blokes, get on a plane, get home and you have an off in the meantime...glad to hear your ok, let me guess 'target fixation' was TG riding in front of ya :wink:
  8. Would have been quite a sight.
    did GS laugh at you for a time?
    Glad you are ok.
  9. It wasn't me. It's far too hot for wombats to be out. :)
  10. Glad you're relatively ok Vic. :)

    I hope the bike and yourself are still up to finishig the tour. It's be a shame to pull out early because of a stack :)

    For the record, Voltarin Emulgel is fantastic. Rub it on youur shoulder and it should be good as cured for you. :grin:
  11. Bugger. :cry:

    Glad you and the bike are (sorta) okay, Vic. Get yourself some nice drugs (and some of that Voltaren stuff) and you should be feeling better in no time! :grin:
  12. Shoite...no good Vic

    People usually do belly wackers in water!
  13. pulling out early......that's doesn't sound like your style Vic.... :grin:
    Sorry to hear about the off. Hope yr OK
  14. Bugger....at least your ok and bike is still rideable :shock:
  15. +1 for the Voltaren

    Hope you can get back on it. Can't leave tassie only half lapped.
  16. Absolute bummer Vic :evil:

    I'm glad it's not too serious, but still wish it didn't happen on your trip away :cry:

    Healing thoughts heading your way :angel:
  17. Ahh Vic ya Nong...
    Nice bloody work.
    Good to hear you didn't break your arse
  18. ouchy :( that's no fun.... sounds painful

    did anyone get it on video????? lol
  19. That explains the spikes on the seismograph. Shame on you for spooking those poor people in Thailand.

    Don't you go hurting yourself in some far off land Vic; there are too many people who would be disappointed

    they weren't there to see it.
  20. Bad luck Vic some of them tassie corners can be a bit deceptive :cool: Next time aim for the head in the middle :shock: