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'Superman' speed camera pledge broken

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by revhead998, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,26087136-29277,00.html

    MONEY raised from 10 speed cameras near New South Wales schools that was meant to be directed straight into research for spinal cord injuries is instead being funnelled into state coffers.
    In 2003, then premier Bob Carr announced the cameras would be installed in school zones, with the revenue raised to go straight into medical research and treatment for those with spinal cord injuries.

    The announcement was made at a conference in Sydney where quadriplegic actor and spinal research campaigner Christopher Reeve was present.

    But at a Budget estimates hearing into science and medical research today it was revealed the money from those 10 speed cameras now goes to the same place as all other fines - directly into consolidated revenue.

    Office of science and medical research executive director Kerry Doyle said this had been happening since about 2007.

    "The first four years of funding was allocated on that basis,'' Ms Doyle said.

    "We went back through the normal Budget process for the second tranche of funding.''

    Science and Medical Research Minister Jodi McKay insisted that while the funds now went to consolidated revenue, the government had in no way "lessened its focus'' on spinal cord research.

    But, she said, she would have to get advice on why the arrangement had changed and indicated the program might have only been for four years.
    Opposition frontbencher Duncan Gay said that if that was the situation, the Government should have told the electorate the money from those cameras was now going straight into the state's coffers.

    "The original announcement was that 10 extra speed cameras would be put in place specifically for this,'' Mr Gay told the hearing.

    "Those 10 cameras are still in place, yet you are now telling us that quietly, in the dark of night, this whole procedure has changed and the people of NSW are being duped.''

    Opposition health spokeswoman Jillian Skinner said she was at the dinner when Mr Carr made the announcement and said no indication was made that the program would only last four years.
  2. "Think of the children!", indeed. :roll:
  3. lol - mr gay.. :grin:
  4. +1

    But seriously... I blame society.
  5. Wait a minute...

    That means the government has lied. Actually lied.
    Is there any precedent for this? I'm shocked.

    And in front of a famous quadraplegic. That's just sick and wrong.
  6. Nah. They had just banked on us having forgotten by now. Its completely different.
  7. If they ever get caught, and I hope they don't, I will see about making a paypal donation to their legal defense.
  8. Are you insane, speed cameras are there for SAFETY! they save LIVES, every DAY! Every time they flash and take a picture, a life is SAVED! Hallelujah! Think of the children, please! :D