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Superman Seat Grab At High Speed Airtime ... Zero

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by patske, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. This guy does some crazy stunts on his bike while travelling farily fast. No leathers either he's keen.

  2. 0_o

    Feel the safety.
  3. not bad
  4. What an absolute f'knuckle
  5. Why because he can do it and you can't, or the fact that he likes to do stunts and you can't or perhaps he is not wearing any safety clothes.

    Cheers 8)
  6. Public road, excessive speed, no safety clothes, other vehicle riding too close.
    Good stunt but an f'knuckle.
  7. Agreed

    Only good point...... they picked a quiet road.

    But no respect for the people who care about them, the ones who'll have to spoon feed em and wipe their arses when they're vegetables.

    At least they could wear some safety gear. Then the ambo's wont have to use a vacuum cleaner to pick up all the bits of flesh they leave behind

    And Dazza, not everyone who rides a bike thinks that "stunting" is important, clever or entertaining. Sure you need a certain skill and fearlessness (stupidness??) to do it, but that's not our point.

    Each to their own I spose, you think he's cool, we think he's a tool.


    (edited cos ejamakashun never done me no gud)
  8. Hmm... rear skitching... seen it done before but something doesnt look quite right.. oh thats right... running shoes! Jeebers, i'd hope for his sake he's got some skitch plates on the bottom of those shoes. (Just watched it again.. nope; no plates)

    Id say he's done it a million times before; and as such feels he doesnt need to wear safety gear beyond gloves & helmet. I'd say keep an eye out for a few more videos and then look out for him on that 'roadrash - feel the pain' site.

    He'll come unstuck, most stunters do sooner or later.

  9. Sigh

    I've got 44 years experience in life martyh.

    Yes, I have to wear an L plate on a bike for the second time as I let my first license expire 20 years ago, but I graduated from the school of hard knocks a fair few years ago.

    Besides it doesn't take a huge intellect to know "common sense", jeez, any 8 yo could tell you riding at speed over bitumen with only shorts and sneakers is a brain dead activity... whats the name for it.. oh yeah "squid"

    Instead of trying to take the urine out of mere "learners", how about trying to support peoples efforts to encourage safe riding.... You know, the aspect of riding that doesn't give pollies an excuse to restrict us even more.

  10. whos a grumpy bastard today ;)
  11. aaawwww... that's not fair :cry:

    can't work out if people are "extracting the urine" in text :?
    new rules... ya gotta use smilies :roll:

    Might go put a steak on the bbq... (moooo, crash, "road kill", sizzle, munch munch, yum)
  12. Like I said, I'm 44 and seen a bit, & I doubt I'll mellow much further, watching your son die due mainly to him not wearing a helmet tends to curb the mellowing process just a bit (in relation to safety anyway)

    May we ask why you've "un-mellowed" at this time Mr Grumpy (that'd be MOO-BLOODY-OOO, wouldn't it)?

  13. you may have been half joking when you said that but agree with that 100%

    that guy has probably been riding 20 times longer that you have and has probably performed that stunt more times than you have sat on a bike.

    How many stunt men do see fully suited up when performing? I reckon most of the ones i've seen are all in jeans, runners and a t-shirt, why??? Because they've been doing this stuff since they were 15 years old so its second nature to them

    How many times have you seen Valantino Rossi pick up one of the dudes in his fan club and give him a dink for half a lap without any gear on after winning a race? Are they f'knuckles too?

    oh and for the record i never get on my bike wearing less than Boots, jeans, jacket, gloves and Helmet and i never stunt my bike either...
  14. O Insano please, experience doesn't excuse idiotic behaviour

    When have you seen Rossi, Gardner et al ride without safety gear.. come on, they ride fast for a job, surely they don't need to wear safety gear when going on a sunday cruise do they?

    They also don't race in two way traffic, they race with everyone heading in the same direction, obeying the racing rules. No pedestrians, no taxi's, no 4WD's.

    By your theory, an experienced sky diver doesn't need a reserve shoot (safety gear) cos he's done it so many times, so experienced.....


    I would suggest "stunters", generally, are exhibitionists, with the part of the brain responsible for self preservation overshadowed by that part that craves the andenaline rush. More power to them, but it doesn't make it right, nor give them the right to stunt on public roads.

    Mathematicians would argue the longer they have cheated injury or death, the more the odds will catch up with them.. more reason to wear the gear.

    PS I take medication for severe depression, your sig is wrong :wink:

  15. Fair enough.. (thought it might have been the broken bike giving withdrawal symptoms)

    Anyways, hope it ceases to be an un-mellowing event real soon.