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SuperKarts anyone?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by say_wat, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Who here has had experience with superkarts or know how I can start amateur track days on them? Is it possible to rent them? I think anything that can go around a track as fast as a v8 supercar and beat most motorbikes has got to be freaking grouse!

    They're ususally 6-speed 250cc strokers or 400cc 4bangers on a pretty small gokart frame. No suspensions, no dampers, no LSDs, nothing!

    I'm so in love! Any aussie info would be a good start.
  2. Uh oh, sounds like someone's about to sell the bike :shock:
  3. Hmm... Not unless it is to buy another bike (which, hopefully will be soon!) :grin:

    It can't cost that much to rent it once or twice a month or so, rite?
  4. Ever tried renting a motorbike, just for a day or w'end? :roll:

    Make some ph calls ...
  5. Ah, i guess you're right.

    I can't believe any of the speed freaks on this forum aren't into this form of racing. Its relatively cheap, its too F*($n fast, and it would be so so much fun!

    Unfortunately, buying one would be out of the question for me because Im poor and live in a set of flats with not much in terms of space to store stuff. There's some cheap ones available, perhaps I can find someone to go halvies with :grin:

    There's plenty available on google, but I was hoping for some 1st hand vic related experience. Why would one join a 'club'? Can one race for recreation, or does it have to be competitive? Can one race anytime they want or only on specific days?

    Just saw this video and I have a stiffy
  6. Yearly bump :p I'm now thinking of selling my car as I bought a bike.
  7. You can ask some go-kart track owners and see if they allow you to have a squizz on your go-kart (if you plan on getting one). I was told you can take your own go-kart on the track as long as they get to scrutineer it just like normal track days.

    If you want to compete, you will need a CAMS license and scrutineering is really anal, but not sure in what class my mate was talking about.

    I am sure you can hire out a track for the fun of it, and get people to chip in if they want to take it out on the track...I would think it's the same as motorcycle track days. Organize a group, split the costs and go have fun.
  8. Iv vaguely planned somewhere in the future to turbo a gixxer thou and then turn it into a kart when i'm over it.
  9. that will still get eaten alive by one of these things, last i heard many years ago when i followed this shit was that the 250cc superkarts as you call them were doing upwards of 260km/h and able to do a standing 1/4 in 9 seconds and were north of 30k

    so your not going to be able to get one from ebay/tradingpost for $500 and set a new lap record @ the island
  10. 250cc and a 9flat 1/4?
  11. I was following a "budget build" of one of these types of karts on the AF1 aprilia forum. The guy thought he could cut costs a lot over the bombed-to-the-eyeballs 2 strokes.

    What was he building? A turbo charged vtwin 550 out of the SXV, with more billet, CF and engineering thrown at it than a freaking space shuttle. If that's cutting costs, I'd hate to see the pointy end. On top of that, he was shooting for 100+hp and didn't expect to be competitive.

    Cheap thrills.... better off with a bike.
  12. better off with a bottle of bundy and some long darts
  13. according to this page http://www.250superkarts.com/ABOUT250RACING.htm

    Chassis: Zip, Anderson, PVP, Stockman, EMA, Nissag, P1, Nemesis,
    Cobalt, Stratos, ADE and others. (see manufacturers page)
    Fully adjustable components.

    Steering: Rack-and-pinion on the newer chassis models

    Motors: Twin-Cylinder 250cc: Rotax 256, Yamaha TZ, Honda RS,
    FPE, BRC, Hemingway, V-dot, SGM

    Transmission: Six-speed sequential gearbox

    Horsepower: Take a guess! It's somewhere between 90 and 100+ depending
    upon who's telling the story!

    Cooling: Water-Cooled

    Ignition: Programmable Electronic on most.

    Drive: Chain drive

    Brakes: Four-wheel disc brakes

    Tires: 12.0 x 8.0 rear, 10.5 x 5.5/6.0 front

    Wheels: 6-inch front and rear

    Top Speed: 175 MPH
    Martin Hines, three-time World Champion, was said to have
    been clocked at 175 at Daytona, circa 1990.
    Road America ~ 160 m.p.h.

    0-60 3.2 Seconds

    1/4 Mile: 9 Seconds

    Cost: New or Used?.....$5,000 - $25,000+
    How fast do you want to go?

    have see vids of them in the 10's, apparently no 1/4 will let them run here in aus due to safety regs
  14. In the 10s I can believe. 3.2s 0-100 does not, to my knowledge, equate to a 9flat 1/4 in anything. To run 9 flat you would be looking at about 150mph pass, you need a fair whack of hp to do that. They are fast as hell anyway you look at it though.