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Superhydrophobic coating.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by phongus, May 15, 2012.

  1. Found this rather cool. A work colleague sent it to me seeing as I used to complain a lot when arriving at work wet. Perfect for water proof jeans.


  2. Your nanotech degree paying off?

    In other news, people still make clothes out of wool.
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    Sorry but they are late to the party, there is already a product called P2i which does the same thing and is already on the market and in use. I have it in my phone apparently.


    Australia fails again.
  4. I want jeans with this on RIGHT. NOW.
  5. Should be good for underpants too.
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    Just what I've needed for the past 2 weeks of having the dreaded lurgy... tissues that don't go soggy.:grin:

    For keeping the wet in?:-s
  7. I've always found my plastic rain trousers and a pair of bicycle clips to be adequate :sick:.
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    If you mean by reading up on stuff online, then yes, Nanotech is paying off. Paid to sit and pretty much do anything.

    If you mean by being productive, no, no funding = no projects. Since I'm on contract, I'll just hang about until I get a project or contract is over... :D.

    Australia is actually one of the innovative countries...WiFi for instance and polymer money = win win.

    ...to make your private warm lake?