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Superglue things on helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Brodie440, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. I was wondering if anyone else has super glued things to their helmet similar to the way walteriffic has modded out and personalised his helmet.
    I personally want to super glue a pop vinyl figure somewhere on my bike or helmet for personalisation.
    Anyone know of any legal ramifications to such things?

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  2. You're trolling, right?

    Just in case you're not, do NOT put superglue anywhere near your helmet!
    The legal ramifications are that you will invalidate the Standards compliance both by use of an unapproved adhesive and having a rigid projection over 5mm from the surface of the helmet. That means you can be booked for not wearing a compliant helmet regardless of the sticker (which uses compliant adhesive, so don't try that argument)

    The social ramifications come down to looking like a complete pratt, but that's not actually illegal.

    Sorry if that's a bit blunt, but better you hear (read) it before you do it than having to buy a new helmet and pay a fine.
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  3. T
    No no, I appreciate the seriousness. I was totally unaware of this and wanted to add a little 'wham' to my helmet without stickers. Thanks dude!!
  4. Ok, to fill out the information:

    Your helmet works by deforming to absorb the impact energy of a collision. Anything that changes the structure of the shell or inner materials, such as solvent cleaners, aggressive adhesives etc, weakens the shell and reduces the amount of energy it can absorb. When it can't absorb any more energy in a single impact, it breaks. The less energy the helmet absorbs, the more is transferred to your head and neck. The deformation that the helmet goes through in an impact does permanent damage and severely reduces the amount of energy it can absorb in the next impact. This is why you don't reuse a helmet that's been dropped or in a crash even if it looks ok. The helmet is barely able to absorb enough to do it's job once. It's not designed, and NO brand is any different in this, to be able to protect you over and over again.
  5. i was aware of most of that bar the adhesive part. But I appreciate the wake up call and information, i guess it was just me being childish haha.
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  6. A lot of people have considered such things before. Nothing unusual there. Hell, if I could get a helmet that looked like Stormtrooper armour I'd wear the shyt out of it ... assuming it was a legit helmet that is. I have a friend that works with people who have acquired brain injuries, most of them from motorcycle accidents where they were wearing one of those stupid ass novelty helmet the harley boys love or no helmet at all. I value what thinking skills I still possess, so I wear a proper helmet and look after it.
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  7. yep I agree, the 'harley boys' are well known for being stupid riders, wheelies, endos, squidding, novelty helmets - let's villify them at every opportunity
  8. Yeah I was inspired by a YouTuber who added stuff to his helmet and I wanted also to have some personalisation. But alas I shall continue to dream, thanks for the information though. [​IMG]
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  9. which pop vinyl?
  10. In regard to dropping a helmet in particular, I used to believe that once a helmet had been dropped, it should be replaced.

    This is not the case though if the Arai rep on this clip is to be believed! According to him, a helmet dropped from a seat without the weight of the head inside it is fine to be re-used as there is no compromise of the inner shell which is the bit that does most of the impact absorbtion in an accident

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  11. I've got this cool joker - batman - joker one I wanted to haha. [​IMG]
  12. You'd better start then as I didn't vilify anybody, I only identified a particular style of helmet. The highest rate of acquired brain injury is from people who wear no helmet or one of those stupid novelty helmets with a counterfeit standards sticker from eBay. Who wears those helmets? Idiots. What do they ride? Who cares, they're idiots that give other riders a bad name no matter what they're on. Harley boys like those little breakfast-bowls or the Kaizer style things. Squids on gixxers etc like the ones that look like whoever their race 'hero' is (or some over priced Russian made monstrosity based on a movie character) from eBay. Stupid is as stupid does. The saddest ones are when the riders take their girlfriend or kid on the back and give them the rubbish toy helmet then crash, leaving someone dead or with an ABI while they walk away.
  13. #13 chilliman64, Jun 12, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2016
    villify: to speak ill of, slander, disparage, denigrate, defame, run down

    I don't see how mentioning Harley riders in your post is relevant. why not just say "from motorcycle accidents where they were wearing one of those stupid ass novelty helmets or no helmet at all"?

    you posted this (Funny Ass Pics) the same day. I thought NR was about Connecting Riders, not having a go at a segment of riders because it is good sport. I wouldn't make fun of BMW riders or any other group of riders because I don't think it's ok.

    but please, tell me I am wrong and I'm overreacting. tell me you love all riders equally and I'm out of order for suggesting you think less of HD riders as some of your best friends ride Harleys.

    no problem dude I'm sure it was just a coincidence. :p
  14. lol
    slow night tonight
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  15. My mention of harley riders was because that is specifically where you will see the stupid ass "helmets" I was referring to. Squids don't wear them, nor do the BMW cardigan set, the colour-matched power rangers, nor the crusty demons of coffee and cake adventure bike riders. I fit two of those categories right now and see the humour in the stereotypes.
    I give people the respect they deserve by their actions, not what they think they're entitled to demand. Treat me with contempt/snear at me on the road today and you will not see me let you in to the fuel bowser ahead of me tomorrow. Try to push in ... let's just say, "don't ".
    Harley riders get what they show, when that changes from contempt for everyone else to respect, they might start to see some. You don't have to like it, but theats and bullying will get them nothing more.
    You REALLY want to take issue with me over two humorous comments just because harley riders weren't "best in show"? Too bad.
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  16. starting to get more interesting anyways
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  17. Yes, quite true.
    Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go put on my grey cardigan and enjoy a latte before I go to be with my warm milk.
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  18. and I'm going to put a black ice cream container on my head and stand out the front and call passersby motherfkers
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  19. Back on topic.

    Go find a foam box, and put a tiny amount of super glue on it. When you watch the foam vanish, think about the fact that your helmet has the same thing in it's construction to absorb the impact.

    Don't do it...
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