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SuperDuke review: a noobs perspective

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by tunelliner, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Today, I had the chance to sample a mate's Superduke :grin:. He let me have a spin one of the mountains around Brissie. In total I got about half n hour or so of twisties actions. I can confidently say that I had a HUGE grin from ear to ear after riding the duke and also am a Superduke convert. Bring on the end of my restricted license!!!!!

    And just to clear things up.. Yes I am on my restricted license and yes (for you safety nannies) I was doing something illegal. The guy (that swapped bikes with me) and I both accepted the consequences of what may happen. If i crash, I pay. If I get caught... I cop the blame. From what I gather, we weren't doing anything stupidly dangerous... the only "real" danger was for me to ride a bike quadruple my hornet size in engine capacity, have a sh*tload more power and a gobload more of torque.

    Getting back to the review now.
    For those that know, I've only had my license for 6 months. My first ride on a real motorcycle with gears was at the license centre. Since getting my license, I've ridden my bike almost everyday. The only times I havent ridden were when I was hungover at home or after crashing the bike (numerous times). In terms of riding ability would consider myself as an average rider. I don't think I have any problem in keeping up with a most 600 or 1000's in the twisties (maybe they weren't trying hard enough) but once the big sweepers or straights come, I am left for dead. I however have learnt riding the hard way, having crashed 4 times in 6 months.

    In terms of the Superduke. I found it FANTASTIC. In my opinion, it's basically everything I would want on a bike. It's comfortable, awesome riding position and sounds bloody horn with Akrapovic pipes. It's not too slow either :p :LOL:, infact it was deceiving slow in comparison with the Hornet 250. I was just cruising along on of the straights on Mt Nebo... I had a squizz at my speedo and it said I was doing $1.20 (oops).
    The acceleration in comparison was phenomenal. I didn't even pin it, being scared that I'd wheelie it and flip it (as it was geared a few teeth down on the front and a few teeth down on the back). It felt so blardy quick.

    Initially I had a little trouble leaning it into corners. Not being used to the weight I decided to ride a little slower, just in case I go in too quick and stack it. After I while, I became a little more confident and rode some of the corners at the speed I would normally ride the Hornet. It felt so fricken easy... did some of the posted 30-40kmh recommended at 80kmh.. no sweat. I also loved how I didn't have to change gears very often going into corners. I'd just sit either in 2nd or 3rd on corner entry and once I was near the apex I would hammer the throttle and let the bike stand itself up. It was like I was in twisty heaven.. or something.

    Everytime a big v-twin goes passed me I turn green with envy. This time around, I was actually riding a big-bore v-twin. Don't think theres a word I can use to describe the feeling. Maybe someone here can help me! Soundwise... I love it when its low on the rpm, it rumbles and burbles. Sounds even better when I blipped it on the downshifts.. occassionally it would even pop on overrun.

    Ergonomics wise, I loved it. It was nice and upright... a compromise between fully upright and racerboy crouched down. I could see almost everything. I'd imagine that the Superduke would be wicked to lanesplit with. But if I ever got one, I'd only ride it on the weekends and retire the ol' hornet to commuting only. The only downside I see with the Duke is with the fuel consumption and the range of the tank. Asking my mate, he said, "15L... I probably get around 212km". Other that... I really consider myself as a Superduke convert. But then again I'm still a noob and I havent ridden many big bikes before so my opinion is sorta invalid i guess :oops: :LOL:

    But personally Im hooked and I love v-twins.. having just recently ridden a bigbore one.

    Bring on the end of my restrictions. I'm so getting a superduke!

  2. Nice write up there Michael. Welcome to the world of V Twins.
  3. Thanks Pete.
    Really cannot wait to upgrade.

    To be brutally honest, I was scared of how much power and torque the bike had compared to my hornet. But after riding on it for a while... I found it quite forgiven, or maybe because I was being sensible-ish
  4. Naw, the power's just lurking... waiting for its moment to strike... waiting for its moment to corrupt... :twisted:
  5. if you are getting 212km from a tank on a superduke you aren't riding it correctly, try closer to about the 130-150km range :)
  6. ahh sorry.. he said thats the highest mileage he has gotten or something. He said usually the reserve light comes on at 120km the way he rides. I guess he doesn't tippy toe the duke either. He runs Conti race attacks at the front and Sport attacks at the rear. Apparently he only gets 2500km out of each rear tire.

    The next bike i want to sample is a buell xb9r or 9s. Guess I gotta wait till next year before I can legally test ride one :(