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Superduke crash at 140kms!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by steltzer, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. !! crap !!

    for those that know a thing or 2 about wheelies, what actually happened here? did he put the front down on an angle?
  2. Front wheel was not straight.
  3. Immagine how much of a ******** you'd feel like

    Bike looked fine, I'd have hopped straight on and taken off before anyone could get a chance to point and laugh
  4. lucky idiot.
    that guardrail could really **** you up.
  5. Surprised the gloves wore at the pads of the fingers?
  6. That poor gorgeous bike :-({|=
  7. The guy posts on the Superduke.net forum, and yep he just fvcked up, but hey at least he owns it instead of blaming something on the road like is par for the course on netrider.

    Shit happens basically, that's the risk you take when you rip onto a wheelie.

    Unlucky to get a tank slapper from that but these things happen.
  8. apparently it didnt cop much damage at all, just some scuffs on the axle/case sliders/bar ends and was fine otherwise. i havent crashed mine yet but its good to see it shouldnt be too expensive if i dont put it into the trees.

    gloves will usually tear up like that if you push hard on the ground when you're crashing, bring your arms/hands into your chest and you slide alot better and less chance of a busted hand/arm.
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  9. +1.
    Get onto your back and assume the "coffin" position: cross your arms over your chest, and form light fists with your hands...
  10. Lycky Swede:)
  11. Nice of them to stop and give a helping hand. Don't see that too often.

    Lucky he didn't hit the guard rail.
  12. according to the rider, one of the guys in cars egged him into doing a wheelie then he dumped it LOL.
  13. Yeah I read the comments haha. I guess the guys egging on must've felt bad at the same time...poor guy.
  14. having never done a wheelie and not really wanting to give it a shot.. that would of been a shit time sliding down the road.

    least the bike and rider are okay.. but when he did the first wheelie it looked like he was wobbling and then in the second when he dumped it looked worse..

    when the gp guys do wheelies it seems like its just floating his looked shaky.
  15. His gear held up pretty well based on how hard he hit the deck etc. Silly goose though...

    On a side note, one of the cars that drove past is the same model as mine!
  16. I love how he jumped straight up and gave a thumbs-up to the car.

    Still, how embarrasing. And how far did his bike slide!
  17. When he got up I was thinking "where the eff is his bike?"

    I was surprised how far it went!
  18. Trust me you'd rather see them slide than dig in and flip!
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  19. The car drivers in Sweden are very polite.
  20. Was thinking exactly the same thing.....

    ARMCO barriers and sliding don't mix well - slightly better than the cheese grater......but only slightly.....only slightly