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Supercoach and Android Phones

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Last year the Herald-Sun released an app for the iPhone to allow players to play the game on their phones.

    H-S has now started the game for Season 2011. However, so far there is no indication that it's developed any apps for it (iPhone, Android, whatever).

    Who here who owns an Android phone is an AFL follower and plays Supercoach? If so, how about we "gang up" on the newspaper and request, albeit politely, that they support the Android platform this year.

    Supposedly Android growth is exceeding that if the iPhone. If so, then we should be seeing evidence of this with more mainstream support for the platform.

  2. Its still under development and one of the things either implemented or very soon planned... but look in the market for Total Footy.
    Its Free.
    I dont like AFL so... ill leave it up to you to try on your own, i just did a search and read about it quickly :p.

    edit: just found your whirlpool post too :p.
  3. Blocka, Total Footy is only an app for showing game results (live and concluded) and the ladder.
  4. kk, wasnt sure precisely what you were after, and it was mentioned there so maybe there was hope for you yet :p.
  5. I didn't see anything mentioned about Android apps for Supercoach. Do you have the link for it?

    All I can find is reference to the iPhone's app.
  6. It's really annoying that Android phones are now outselling iPhones but the apps development is still predominately iPhone.
  7. The Supercoach people got back to me. Basically they said that they're not interested. But if they do get interested, they may or may not let us know.

    Of course, if no Android user is interested in such a product then who's to blame them?
  8. So many Android phones are made and sold, across such a wide range of price points, I wonder how many users of Android devices even know that's what it's called?
  9. I haven't been able to find anything for either SC or Dreamteam, and I'd be interested in both...

    Guess Android users are still playing poor cousin for a while yet.
  10. Ignore them, and go elsewhere that supports Android
  11. To address Tony's point, industry "analysts" say that the Android Market will never top the iTunes Store in terms of numbers of apps. However, what it may do, if the developers see the market potential is to make few apps, but better quality ones.

    I've seen what both markets have to offer and there's a lot of crap out there amongst those 400,000 odd apps (300k itunes, 100k Android). And really, we can only fit so many apps on our phones.

    I personally use half a dozen of them on a regular basis. Currently, only game I play is Word Feud, a Scrabble clone. My most used apps would be Handcent SMS and K9 Email and I could use the built in apps for that anyway.

    The likes of EA is now just starting to make apps for Android. Dataviz, a mobile Office app maker is now supporting Android, although it hasn't ported its excellent Smartlist to Go database app over to Android (or indeed, iPhone) yet.

    So, the support is building. The likes of News Ltd and Fairfax ignore Android at their peril, particularly if users follow Jason's suggestion and patronises services other than their own.
  12. Good to see netriders has some geek activity going on.... Android is now the number one selling platform (in Q4 2010) overtaking symbian and is outselling iPhone by about 2:1. You'll see more and more apps being ported to android or being developed for android and not iPhone! The market will decide.