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Supercheap Carma commercial - *the new one*

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. Full points to those who took up the cause with Supercheapauto about their dodgy 'filtering' advert they put out. The had a look at their 'carma' and looked to re-address it....full points to them

    check it out at the jump,


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  2. its been on here for a while. The wave irritates me, we have to be thankfull that cages obey the law?

    The bike should also buffer away from a car that is indicating out or has their wheel turned. Maybe use the horn to warn them that they were there.

    Better than the last one. Not that that was hard.
  3. oh, my bad.

    *delete this please*
  4. It hasn't been discussed so i think the thread is valid.
  5. I've got to give them credit, i wrote to them after the last ad, they replied, removed the ad, and have come back with a great response.

    full marks to super cheap on this one
  6. I'm with waedwe I wrote to them about there last add so its good to see they did something about it.
  7. COOL
    i will be giving them my business again.

    now someone explain to me how they can understand the error of their ways, yet the TAC cannot.
    same error.
    but the corporate entity displays a social conscience, yet the public one blatantly refuses to.
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  8. It's good to see at least some national entity that is prepared to listen to the concerns of the public and react appropriately; it's a pity our Governments aren't as responsive.

    As for the rider waving his thanks, perhaps at least part of the reason that drivers have a hostile attitide towards riders is that some riders treat them as the enemy and don't acknowledge good practices..... what does a cheery wave cost in the overall scheme of getting drivers to co-operate with us on the road????
  9. ^do you wave to every driver who has the opportunity to hospitalize you and doesn't??
    I know i don't, there's too many of them
  10. that rider was far too close to those parked cars.

    bloody temporary australian.
  11. LOL @ people having a sook because of the wave. It's a freaking ad!

    How about be greatful that someone out there with a national outlet has actually made something FOR us and not against us?!

    I personally think the wave has it's place in the ad. It's a way to put a face to the rider so to speak. No wave = rider just doesn't give a shit, rides along...meh whatever.

    Rider waves = oh wow they are real people, just like me!

    In the context of the ad it makes perfect sense and paints us in a positive light.

    Edit - I've just watched all the ads. These short clips are infinitely better than anything the TAC has ever put out. I particularly like the don't text while driving one.
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  12. Nice work fellas well done.

    As to the waving thing, seriously? Some days I'm left scratching my head.
    If you can't wave at least nod.
  13. You wave every time a car doesn't run into you?

    It just gives the message that we are at fault for being there. We shouldn't be on the roads. We have to be thankful that cars tolerate us and don't kill us.
  14. I like this one.
    And why wouldn't you wave?
    Hell, if there's time I'll slide my pants down and show them just a little bit of my butt....
  15. No it doesn't.

    It humanises bike riders and gives the impression that we're grateful when cars see us and do something about it.
    That's what we want to happen isn't it?
  16. Get a life Vert. Failing that watch the ad again, only this time pay particular attention to the indicator. SCA must have, must have consulted with a rider on this ad. If it was me on the bike I'd be pulling over and giving the cager a kiss on the lips, i think a wave is the least you can do.

    I also think it's not too much to ask to write to SCA and tell em good ad. I hope they continue to make more.
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  17. There are some who keep theirs permanently in the down position...
  18. It was a trick post Dave - I rarely wear pants at all...
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  19. Ask chook about her friday night ;)
  20. Ditto. I just dont see this (waving) as a big deal.

    The TAC et all have done an excellent job of alienating us from cagers, dehumanising us and wedging us into a position where the average cager doesnt really think of us as people - if they think of us at all. So, even those who by some fluke may have the skills to behave correctly around motorcycles dont feel any compulsion to do so - after all, its not like its people is it?

    One of the ways we can counteract this to make it clear when riding that we are people too, and we can do this by interacting with drivers. This may mean sometimes giving someone a wave to thank them for not doing something daft - who cares? It costs us nothing to do, and leaves a good impression for them and the other drivers who may see it.

    The TAC dehumanising of riders has been a thousand cuts approach, so part of our strategy to combat it can also be the same - restoration via a thousand small gestures. So that next time that person sees or hears the TAC spouting crap, they hopefully also remember that positive interaction and think twice about consuming it.

    That said, if they do something dumb, let them know too.

    As Chef has said, we're in a war and one of the fronts is education. To educate, you need both carrot and stick, penalty and reward. A pat on the head for not doing something daft costs us nothing, and goes a little way to undoing some of the damage.

    My take on it anyway...

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