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Supercheap Auto rimtape

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by botch, May 30, 2015.

  1. So after a week of ownership, i thought i would try to personalise my bike a bit.

    It's a KTM Duke 200, so predominantly black and orange. The rims are black, so i was thinking of some orange rimtape.

    A trip to supercheap found me some rimtape for $7....bargain. These are stickers, not a decal that requires water to transfer.

    I cleaned the wheels, applied the stickers and admired my handywork. I reckon it turned out good, breaks it up nicely. I don't think these are reflective.

    Here's the clincher....i went inside to have some lunch, and by the time I went back out, they had started to peel :(

    Oh well, lucky it was only cheap.

    On a side note, I like the look, does anyone know a decent brand to get, or online shop that sells good ones? And are water transfer style ones better than normal stickers?

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  2. I have to ask, with what did you clean the wheels? Some cleaning products can leave a residual film behind that interferes with the adhesives. Best method for a final cleaning step before applying stickers etc is to use metho or other non residual solvent on a clean cloth, and don't then touch the surface with anything other than the sticker/adhesive. Certainly don't wipe your fingers over where you want to place the stickers, if you do then clean again with metho etc.

    Damn you oldcorollasoldcorollas , you beat me to it!
    "clean rims well, then degrease with something like isopropyl alcohol.."

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  3. I used detergent and and water to clean it. I used a fair bit of water to wash all the bubbles and crap off.

    For the cost, i might go get a other pack tomorrow and try again, and use metho to wipe the rim down.

    oldcorollas...are they a single piece sticker, or individual pieces?
  4. Ps...on a side note, how do i mention someones username? ie get it red with their avatar next to it?
  5. usernameusername does it

    Huh, that's @ then username
  6. 4 individual pieces make up one rim, there is enough for overlap, and they chuck in a few extra 1/4's in case you stuff up :)

    the reflective ones are very reflective in headlights
    $24 delivered for 1 set is not too spendy
  7. Cool...thanks for that. I will try the supercheap ones again tomorrow with a metho clean on the rims and see how it goes
  8. I went and got more of the rimtape this morning. Cost me a grand total of $4, cos they are having a sale!!

    Took yesterday's effort off the rims, and cleaned them with metho. Was a bit surprised how much more crap came off....re attached the new rimtape. Seems to be holding better this time round. Time will tell I suppose.
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  9. lesson learnt
    don't botch the job:troll:
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  10. Nice man,

    I like that idea!