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Supercharged 600cc from Kawasaki!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V2, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Looks like Kawasaki are planning to release a 600cc supercharged bike with only a bit less go than a GSX-R1000! Brings back frightening memories of the old Turbo bike era!

    Read more here.


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  2. Not frightening....it's fond memories I have of the old 750 Turbo.

    If the new supercharged beast is reasonably comfy for me to sit on and ride, I'll be very tempted indeed. ;-)
  3. Shouldn't be any lag with a supercharger, nothing to be frighten of..:D
  4. For the best of both worlds, maybe some bike maker might copy the FIAT and Skoda business of having BOTH a super- and a turbo-charger?

    As I remember the Kwaka 750 Turbo, it was very like riding a hairy chested two-stroke.

    You could potter it about gently, but where was the fun in that?

    You could get it up on boost and it went pretty bloody quick, but, when you rolled off the throttle, you remembered that there wasn't a lot of engine braking.

    The general principles say that the supercharger will feel more like a "normal" 4-stroke bike, but just with a bigger capacity engine.
  5. Who cares about turbo shmurbo charged.
    I'll take better suspension over the engine any day :)
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  6. The point of this is that you get same power out of a smaller engine. Smaller engine means less weight. Less weight means suspension works better.
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  7. will be interesting to see what kind of "supercharger" they use..
    they use Eaton TVS on jetskis, but the patent images show relatively low geared chain drive, and radial outlet..
    maybe internally/variable geared Rotrex type?
  8. Whats the advantage of the one they chose?
  9. just found this in Japanese (and other) patents :) I reckon this is probably the one...



    that looks like a geared centrifugal type (ala rotrex), so the flat cover on the front of the SC at tokyo motorshow is just a blanking plate.. you probably already knew that

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  10. The other big question is " will it be intercooled"
  11. FYI - a big fan of the TVS supercharger, I run one on my Lotus Exige
  12. positive displacement SC has drawbacks such as high inertia and limited high rpm capabilities.
    the Eaton TVS (twin vortices.. something), which is basically a cross betweena twinscrew SC (internal compression, but asymmetric lobes), and a twisted lobe roots SC (no internal compression)..
    the TVS is best of the lobed SC's, but if you gear it to run high rpm, then you lose maybe half your low rpm (in terms of bike rpm ranges)

    there are a few benefits of centrifugal, such as low inertia and high efficiency, but the main drawback with a mechanically driven charger is the limited rpm range, which is why exhaust turbine driven centrifugal charger (turbo) works well.. because it's not coupled to engine speed.

    having gears with centrifugal compressor allows you to spin at high speed for lower half of rev range and still get usable efficient boost, and then in higher gear, you can spin fast enough for higher engine rpm.
    if you stayed in high gear, and keep revs up, it would be awesome... but if you fell out of boost, low rpm would suck..
    having a low gear on the charger, you can pootle around at medium rpm, or have a wet weather mode etc..

    being mechanically driven, you won't have the lag you get with turbo, and with quick revving bike engine, I think you need that.
    if the gearbox can change while loaded up, and because it's a planetary type gearbox (I think), it should be able to do that, you should be start from low revs and have decent boost all the way through rev range..
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  13. #13 oldcorollas, Sep 4, 2014
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    Japanese patents for the (possible) charger

    http://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2014097775&recNum=8&maxRec=481&office=&prevFilter=&sortOption:pub Date Desc&queryString=FP:(kawasaki motorcycle)&tab=FullText

    the "chamber" may have intercooling but doesn't look likely?
    having the injectors so far upstream looks to try and take advantage of fuel cooling to a degree

    edit: geez, I could have just posted this link... :p
  14. In theory yes, but in reality the 600s are only a few kgs lighter than the 1000s these days. A supercharger and the drive would probably absorb most of that.

    So what's the advantage? width is one, but the bigger advantage would come with having a switching or (better still) a progressive supercharger. So on lighter throttle commands it would be off and thus the bike would only act and consume fuel like a 600, but give it some berries and it performs like a 1000.
  15. That, again, reminds me of the old Kwaka Turbo.

    Thinking back, what I reckon Kawasaki should have done with that motor/turbo unit was fit it into something like their 1000GTR machine.

    Ridden gently increased fuel economy and range, but still with the bigger bikes power available if/when needed.

    At lower revs, it was super tractable. You could ride gently up slippery wet grass slopes that other bikes struggled with, because of the lower compression ratio.

    But, instead, they put it in a "sports" style bike.

    Now I, as a mere mortal, never had the ability to ride that bike full on, and, as far as I know, those super heroes who could ride it at 10 tenths, found they'd run out of tyres nearly as quickly as they'd run out of petrol.
  16. There's no evidence (that I've seen) at this point that it will be 600cc.

    The article link in the OP says: "... is tipped to launch a super-charged 600cc..."

    In other words, speculation.

    It may turn out to be just that, but let's not add any more misinformation to the Internet in the meantime with thread titles like this.
  17. Don't forget plumbing, cooler and air ways.
  18. MCN think it will be a litre bike, but no one seems sure