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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by 265chemic, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. Anybody got any good/bad experiences to share? Just bought a k&n from them the other day, $92 delivered as opposed to $119 at team moto. Had an email last night stating it should be here tomorrow.. so ill let you know how I go..

  2. Do they give discounts if you advertise for them? I figure you're the guy to ask :p
  3. Tim at superbikesupply is a top dude and worth supporting as a local bike parts supplier.

    Unfortunately you can still get parts OS for cheaper, but SBS is usually the lowest in Oz.


  4. I just checked the site out (your ad worked). They should sponsor Netrider and give us more discounts. :grin:
  5. From memory, they were upset with me for not giving them a free ad when they tried it on......

    I could be wrong though ;)

  6. Now they have their free ad, so all is good. :) And since they are more established now maybe they'll be a lot more interested in this place as a "two way street" resource.

  7. Doubt it. History tells me that once business fail at getting their first ad for free they usually label us all sorts of colourful names.
  8. Your memory is correct, Vic.
  9. +1. I bought John his PCIII and filter (surprise birthday pressie) through them. As I knew nothing about the products I had to annoy Tim with several very noob questions. He answered clearly and in a friendly manner. I'm sure his eyes must have rolled a few times :roll: :LOL: . Anyway, the products were exactly as promised and his advice was spot on. John was very happy :grin:
  10. Take it easy! No add.. just curious.

    Got the filter last thursday, tim gave me a call a couple of nights before but I missed it, so he sent an email saying itll be arriving in a couple of days.

    Took about 30 min to put in (same as putting in a standard filter), no real noticable power increase but seems a little smoother which is good - that and I wont have to fork out 60 something dollars everytime it needs a change which was my main reason for getting it.

  11. I bags Blueberry Bonkers, you can be Violet Vic. Its really not that bad and there's so many colors to choose from. Who will be the lucky one to get the "rainbow" tag? Its more excitement than I can handle...