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Superbikes with bag racks

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by SOL3Ride, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. So on my evening ride home I passed a ducati 848 in pearl white complete with a tacky bag rack and frayed bungy cords. What is your view on making this punishable by 10 years in a hard labour camp?

  2. How dare someone use their awesome bike as a practical form of transport!
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  3. Shows that the rider is a hard core rider not some weekend, coffee shop frequenting, fair weather, show pony, respect to him/her for adapting his/her ride to be usable every day.
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  4. If I was a hardcore rider with enough coin for a ducati I think I'd just spend an extra couple of thousand and get me a tough as nails 250 rather than rack up the miles and trust city scooter owners around my pride and joy
  5. +1 to this...

    dunno why you're whinging/having a go op, not your bike...

    would you prefer the rider use his bike everyday or just put it in the garage and use it once in a blue moon?
  6. Why? I just dropped a huge amount of coin on a super tourer. I'll ride it anywhere I can take, in any weather I can. Sure a little 250cc might be more practical than 1650cc as a commuter, but I wanna ride and put all my eggs in one basket on the best I can afford.

    Personally I have respect for guys with bags strapped to bikes that most think out of place. I like the guy with a Ducati plastered in bug guts and road grime, a worn out tail bag. He wants to ride as much as he can on the best he could get. You have to admire his priorities.
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  7. So you don't think that some people work hard and save every penny for their dream bike.
    Oh no I have enough coin for my dream Duke that I've been saving years for, but I cannot get it because my skanky luggage rack may offend some noob. Get fcuking real SOL3Ride,
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  8. No...........
  9. I'd say you'd change your mind pretty quick trying to get anywhere in the Sydney CBD in peak hour on a K1600GT, may aswell drive. Though having said that the revenue raising police bike squad seem to get around okay. I agree though there aren't many greater sights in the biking world that seeing some huge panniers and bug splattered windscreens knowing they're enjoying the weekend ride. I just don't understand why someone would do that to their bike everyday, at least get some Kriega stuff. Each to their own though
  10. I have no issue filtering through peak hour traffic on my 1800cc ride, my boss has no issue filtering on his K1300s (with panniers) through peak hour traffic, we work in Sydney CBD.
    When you can ride the width really doesn't matter.
  11. When it looks like a LEO and rides like a confident LEO, half blind Gumby's tend to move out of the way. Guilt is a great motivator. It's surprisingly easy to ride in traffic on a big bike. Once you reach a certain size in the food chain, the traffic treats you differently. While I probably wouldn't ride in peak hour Sydney traffic, given the choice I wouldn't be in Sydney in the first place.

    I have a mate who's just strapped Ventura soft bags to either side of his 1050 Speed Triple and added a rack and tail bag in order to be able to carry his gear half around Australia next month. Should we shoot him because he wants to ride his pride and joy 10,000km in 16 days and the idea of putting racks and bags on performance bike offends some idiot?
  12. The guys entitled to do whatever he wants with his bike, I was just perplexed at such a odd juxtaposition of efficiency and non-efficiency. If it was me I'd rather leave it sitting in the garage for the weekend and ride a cb125 to work but I guess that comes from my shitty experiences with public parking
  13. I suppose your coming from the north it might be different but I get alot of two side by side buses in narrow lanes which I can barley squeeze past on a 125
  14. Maybe the rider's commuter scooter was at the shoppe for a service ... and to think no one would nod if the rider was on a scooter:rolleyes:
  15. Yep 40K's each way, and I filter whilst going over the bridge and down Military rd. That's fairly tight.
    It's not the width, it's how YOU manage and direct the traffic around you.
  16. No I hope it goes well for him. I'd like to do that too one day but theres along time before I'll ever manage that or be able to afford to commute on a ducati either
  17. well maybe roadcrafts a little easier when you're riding something twice as big and three times as heavy. P plates probably don't help me either.. but I still give everything my best shot
  18. And props to you for keeping on.
    Attitude counts for a lot when you are on the road, ride like a baddass and give way like a pussy when it comes down to it because you will lose (me included) when a car takes you on. However if you look confident and have an air of "you really don't want to fcuk with me" when you are cutting through traffic you'd probably surprise yourself at how differently the traffic treats you.
    Don't forget the backing down at the right moment bit though.
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  19. I share your opinion OP, and I'm not some fair weather princess either I've ridden daily for 8 years.
    A backpack or some other luggage that doesn't completely ruin the bike is easy done.

    Racks are the same deal as 2 schlongs - neither should be on a bike unless its a dire emergency

    Ventura style racks do have a strong feature, they can single handedly ruin any bike no matter how good it looks otherwise
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  20. Its always hard finding a balance between this and trying not to ruin our reputation at the same time but I get what you're saying. The biggest thing the CBD has taught me is that 50% of taxi drivers would be prepared to force you out of a lane for a $10 fare