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Superbikes for noobs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by blaringmike, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Out of curiosity...

    What are people's opinions on a 20 year old going from a 250 straight to a 1000cc superbike?

    If said rider has enough self control to understand the potential of the machine they are riding and the limits of their ability, would you think it would be reasonable for such a transition?

  2. your gonna crash and die, man.

    I think it can be done sensibly
  3. Personally I think if you are confident that you can use the 250 to full potential and smart enough to respect the power of the 1000 I don't see a problem
  4. A better question is why?
  5. If one were to find a 1000cc bike for the right price in good condition should they not seriously consider the purchase?
  6. Of course, but 600's are much cheaper.
  7. The fact that you are asking these types of questions shows a fair bit of maturity IMO. Go for it.
  8. But do we buy expensive plastic superbikes because they are cheap?

    What real world advantages do a 600 hold over a 1000cc? Besides maybe 10-20kg in weight?

    I hear a lot about 600's being lighter and more flickable. But add the riders weight and it's quite possible that two bikes with two different riders could see the 1000cc bike come out the lighter combo.
  9. I suppose in the end motorcycles are 90% passion 10% sensibility for most people, so get the 1000. I just think 600's are wrongly viewed as a lower version of the litre bikes when in fact they're a different type of machine altogether.

    I recall asking the sales person where I got my ninja what he thought about jumping on a 1000 straight from 250, and he didn't recommend it. Nothing much from a sales person, but I happen to know he is an ex racer and quite a good one. Just something to think about! Out of curiosity, whats the bike?
  10. Oh dear, this old one again. It is dependent upon the skill level and maturity of the individual rider. There's only one way to find out if it works or not..
  11. I own a 600 and a100 both the same model FZR yamahas and they are completely different, the 600 is more than capable of "lose you licence" speeds
    but is a much better commuter.
    The 1000 is just a bucket of fun........buy both.
  12. Bikes aren't like cars, 600s are faster.
  13. The question is why 1000?
  14. :rofl:

    Stop trolling mike!

    Geez you must be bored. You're not a friggin n00b and you've ridden bigger bikes than a damned 250!

    If you can drag knees at the track get a friggin thousand.

    There are blokes on superbikes that will NEVER do that on their bikes or if they had a 250.

    I am almost completely convinced that you started this thread entirely as a troll thread for laughs. and i'm laughing! :rofl: So mission accomplished!
  15. Was thinking that too. Mike, arent you the one that made the jump to an R1 but had cbr250rr as your bike in the garage of the old layout?
  16. No, really I am interested in peoples opinions on the matter. I made the transition to a R1 at the start of the year. I never expect to reach the full potential of the bike on the road, and I never plan on trying. So why do people always jump back in fear when you tell them your riding a 1000cc bike?
  17. I am interested in hearing the reason for that question. Why not get a 1000?
  18. I'm stealing one of FLUX's posts from another thread. This is one of the very few well thought out posts on the subject of 600's vs 1000's. All I am trying to do is promote rational discussion on the matter. Instead of people spouting alarmist one liners would they be kind enough to provide more detail in their responses.

    So there we have the weight argument more thoroughly explained.
  19. From the perspective of a n00b. I guess this stuff gets said all the time, but, the thing I noticed going from a 250 to a 650 was that the 650 was much less forgiving of poor throttle control. You have to be smooth and consistent. I would expect that going from a 250 to 1000 would be similar, just a little more extreme, with the added fun of instant wheelies.

    A 1000cc bike will have really great brakes, suspension, tyres, right? If you're a good road rider (ie, practice good roadcraft, obey the law) then a 1000cc bike is safer, surely?

    I get funny reactions when I tell people I ride a 650cc bike and I've just got my P's, too. They seem to think that if you're buying anything over 250cc, you're going to ride like a maniac on the road and kill yourself or someone else. The truth is, I got the 650f because I didn't feel safe on the 250. The brakes on that thing were awful.

    A 20yo can just as easily kill himself on a 50cc scooter as he can on a litre bike. So can a 35yo, for that matter.

    Ride what you want.
  20. now that you've done 10 months. what do you think of the transition?