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Superbikes 24-27th Feb

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Bartz, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. OK in my quest to clock the highest kays in 3 months on my L's the next adventure is Newie to Melb for the Superbikes.

    I'm thinking about leaving around 22/23rd, taking a couple of days to get there then a couple back so back around the 28th

    Anyone want to come?

    Dilema though, I'm ready for my P's on the 23rd - anyone know if I can do the test the week before then get my P's at the rta on the 23rd? That extra 10km/hr makes it 10km/hr less off being naughty. Stupid bloody thing this reduced speed - senseless!!!
  2. I will most likely be going down with the wife from Bris.
  3. I'll be going so ig you do end up heading south, let's try and catch up and put a face to an avatar :)

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    They won't let you take it early. If your date is the 10th, you have to wait till the 10th. I had a few arguments over the phone and in person and it got me nowhere.

    I'd love to make the trip. Might swing it past the boss tonight.
  5. You can do the regular limit once you cross the border into Victoria (but Naughty is a capital offence).
  6. I'll be heading down this year. What are people's thoughts on the best route down? Previously I've taken the Hume route but I was thinking of riding the coastal road this time.

    Don't know that it will be any better for avoiding those police pull-ins though...
  7. Have a look at the Bonang Hwy, I went to the Superbikes a few years ago it was good road then, don't know about now. There was a bit of gravel around Delegate but it was good, around 100km of twisties once you get past there. Ends up at Orbost.
  8. Bonang is fun an very tight in places :)

    Ok how does one organize this? Maybe we should all put our departure dates and locations and suggested itinerary down here and see if we can't start a conga line!!!

    I will leave Newcastle on the 23rd or may ride to Sydney on night of 22nd. I have a guru rider coming up from melbourne to supervise my riding skills back down south so have to confer plans with him. I have the 27/28th off to get back to Newcastle.
    So c'mon everyone who is heading down post your plans
  9. The plan at the moment is to load one of the bikes on the trailer - probably the 14 - and take the taxi and all the gear down. We'd be leaving brisbane on Wed 22, arriving sydney Thursday morning and flopping at a motel, heading off Thursday evening and arriving melbun sometime Friday 24. We have a room booked at the Phillip Island Resort for Sat and Sunday nights, and head back monday. The wife is needed back at work in brisbane about lunch time Wednesday 29/2.

    The planned route is to just slab it down the Pacific and the Hume, with a possible detour Monday pm to see my mother in Canberra on the way home.
  10. What are the good, twisty back roads to take? I'd want to avoid slabbing it as much as possible haha
  11. I've done Bega to delegate and bonang hwy to orbost and that's a lot of fun. All the best twisties seem to be either side of the border and the snowies.
    I'm thinking heading to Sydney wed night after work then doing a big chunk thurs and the rest Friday. I'm riding down with an armless guru (anyone know him?) and he will be directing our route, which I am unsure of just yet
  12. From where? (Sydney?)
    Some good options via the Monaro and Bonang. The Princes Hwy is grim but get past Traralgon (or via Sth Gippland Hwy) and there are a multitude of really good back roads to the Island. Try Boolara, Poowong, Loch, Kongwak...

    Or go via Alpine Way, Murray River Road, then Myrtkeford, Whitfield, Alexandra, Warburton (via Reefton), Warragul, Korumburra etc.
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  13. We did this route for the GP from Sydney - highly recommend this route as long as you are happy with 20km or so of gravel around the border as mentioned before.


    We took the coast road back and it was a really good loop.

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  14. Cheers for the suggestions.. I'm doing a trip to the QLD border in February as a 'touring trial' to see how I go.. Hopefully make the GP next year.. Only thing I'm worried about is VicPol going over my bike. Are they very anal about mods like brakes/forks? From what I've heard they give shit over a bloody FE (I have stock fender, but just about everything else isn't stock :|) Is it likely they will try to defect me for anything they can? I'm not a hoon and don't do anything that brings unwanted attention but I think I'd see some police during the time there anyways.
  15. From my own experience doing the Hume route, they set up a pull in at one of the truck stops and bring in all the bikes for inspection. Whether you get pulled in or not is down to luck, they happened to be all full up when I was riding past, but there's definitely a big police presence around.
  16. So, i'm currently planning this out. I've not ridden these sorts of distances before so I have NFI how to do this. The idea i have at the moment is:

    1) Leave from Sydney at lunchtime on the Friday, 6 hours to Murimbula (just past Tathra). Stay the night.
    2) leave Mirumbula for Philip Island, arrive Saturday arvo and camp there overnight
    3) do the races on Sunday, leave Sunday night, stopping at possibly Lakes Entrance for sleep
    4) spend Monday getting back to Sydney

    Does this seem like the smart way to do it?

    Also, I assume I need to purchase a general admission ticket?

  17. You can get a GA ticket at the gate. More importantly, you may need to book your camping spot at the PI circuit. I don't know if they sell out at the supers but they always do at the GP.
    Also, allow an hour or so to get off the Island after the racing. And the A1 is deathly boring.
  18. Ahh, i was going to do the A1 the whole way there. I figured it would be a little more interesting than the M31.
  19. I would never recommend the Hume! To be honest, the A1 is only terribly dull between Bairnsdale and Melbourne. I was just suggesting using the South Gippsland back roads wherever possible.
  20. Ok, thanks. I'll check it out. I might have to put up with boring roads because of the short timeframe I have for getting there and back.