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Superbike Supply - anyone purchased from them?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. hey guys

    I have been checking out the superbike supply website (www.superbikesupply.com.au) and found number of items that I would like to purchase as they have very good pricing.

    parts im after:
    Power Commander III USB (A) Free Delivery $470.00
    Pazzo Levers (Pair) $295.00
    HID Conversion Kit (Dual) $199.95
    Vortex RS262 Honda Rearsets $585

    Problem is, I have sent them already 2 emails through the "contact us" link on their website over the last 4 weeks but got absolutely no reply.

    I wanted to know 1. if they have stock , if not what is the ETA, 2. where do I specify colors I want for the purchased items (eg black levers with red adjusters etc)

    Does anyone know if they have a phone number they can be contacted on ?

    Has anyone had any experience buying from these guys ? If so, how did the order process work, what was the communication like?

    Thank you for all the responses in advance.

  2. brought from and had no problems, communication was good, have you tryed to call ??

    He also posts on local brisbane forums ie. weekendriders.com.au and supports the local motorbike drag racing scene.
  3. its actually weekendriders.net mate

    Give me a PM mate with ya contact details, I know Tim I can send him a message to get onto you if ya like.
  4. Sounds like they have a recurring problem with their ability to answer emails.

    This isn't the first post of this nature.

    Seems the only way to contact them is to email a friend to email a friend to email a friend to get a reply :p