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Superbike stolen at Phillip Island

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justin Stacks, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. A SUPERBIKE racer is “gutted” after his prized Kawasaki was stolen following the opening round of the World Superbike Championship at Phillip Island on the weekend.

    Aaron Knoblock woke this morning to find the trailer, which contained the white and orange Kawasaki ZX-10R — valued at around $25,000 — along with spare parts and tyres, riding gear and tools, had been detached from his vehicle.
    Brazen thieves are believed to have targeted the area, knowing the event was on, with at least one other superbike reported missing to police overnight.

    Mr Knoblock, 35, was not hopeful of getting his high-powered racing bike back, fearing it would already have been stripped of parts for sale on the black market.
    And to make it even more heartbreaking, he did not have insurance.
    Superbike racer Aaron Knoblock's prized Kawasaki racer was stolen during the World Superbike Championship at Phillip Island. His trailer with the distinctive white and orange Kawasaki ZX-10R — valued at around $25,000 — along with spare parts and tyres, riding gear and tools, was taken.

    “It was an awesome weekend of racing, so to have this happen on the last night, I’m absolutely gutted,” he said.
    “I had tried to get insurance last week, and even had Shannons call me back on Saturday to give me a quote, but I was about to go out and race, so I asked them to call me back on Monday.
    “I’m absolutely kicking myself now.”
    The Western Australian-based rider had left his four-wheel-drive with the trailer attached parked outside his accommodation on Jenner Avenue in Cowes about midnight last night after competing in the two-day motorsport event, which attracted almost 40,000 people to the island’s grand prix circuit.
    An image of Mr Knoblock’s vehicle and trailer, pictured on a separate trip, when it was bogged in sand.
    He didn’t realise it was missing until 10am when he planned to start his journey back to his Rockingham home.
    Neighbours reported hearing noises in the street about 3am, but did not raise from bed to check.

    It was the first time Mr Knoblock had made the journey to compete in the championships on the Phillip Island circuit.
    “I’ve since found out there were a few bikes stolen last year, and another superbike was stolen overnight, so obviously (the thieves) knew there’d be lots of bikes down here for the Superbikes and have targeted the area again,” the commercial diver said.

    “I wish I’d done more to lock it up, or back the trailer up against a pole or something, but I can’t think in hindsight.
    “What is done is done. I’d just like to get it back. There’s only one road out of Phillip Island, so I am really hoping that someone saw something.”

    He said the white box trailer would have stood out as it had Western Australian numberplates.

    To add to Mr Knoblock’s disappointment he did not do too well in the competition. On Saturday he finished 29th and on Sunday he did not finish.

    “I didn’t do very well at all,” he said. “But it was my first time here and Philip Island is a very fast track.”
    The Championship takes place over 13 rounds in three continents, lasting eight months.
    Mr Knoblock said without a bike, it meant his season was over.

    Anyone with information about the theft is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


  2. Poor old Mr Knoblock, looks like he can't ride or drive particularly well.
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  3. 25k+ worth bike and he didn't have insurance?

    I feel bad for him and his loss.... but come on.... why the hell would you not insure such an expensive piece of kit.
  4. It's a Kawasaki, when the thief works out that he stole a piece of crap the bike will be found on the side of the road
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  5. If you crash a track bike, insurance does not pay. Most track bikes are not insured. Although it might be worth considering fire and theft!
  6. This has happened a lot over the years,I cable lock the bike to the trailer and lock the trailer to the car.Takes a bit of effort but at least your not serving all your stuff up on a plate.
  7. Few companies insure unregistered bikes, think how easy it would be to do a dodgy when you don't need to worry about registering it afterwards. If you can get it don't expect it to afordable
  8. He should have secured it with a Knoblock.
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  9. Fire and theft wouldn't have been too expensive I think.
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    I just called NRMA who insures my MV.

    I asked them about insuring my ZX6RR track bike for fire and theft.

    If it's not road worthy, they won't insure it.

    I asked if my home insurance would cover it and they said only if it was under 75CC's. (I laughed)

    She suggested some other insurers that would insure dirt bikes, but NRMA will definitely not insure a track bike.
  11. Police currently wish to identify and rule out several people, pictures in the link
    Pictures on Aarons FB
  12. Sorry, Im not an insurance expert. (y)
  13. I'd rather have people ask "stupid" questions and learn from them than not ask at all.
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  14. Our House insurance covers "Sporting Goods" away from the home up to $20,000 for 90 days. I know it'll cover bicycles and kayaks. Must check to see if track bikes are included. Obviously it's not covered when you are riding it on the track - but to/from and during the event it could be covered for theft and/or damage.
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    Well I was trying to get them to give me a solution considering my trackie is not eligible for motor insurance in this case.

    This is exactly along the lines as I was thinking since it's only theft and/or damage I'm worried about.
  16. Just read the pds. They specifically exclude registered motorcycles of any size, and unregistered motorcycles over 125cc. So, I guess he'd be sol with them too.
  17. I'd be surprised if anyone covers an unregistered track bike for accidents on the track. And if they did, the cost would be huge.

    I cant remember the last time I went to a trackday and no one had a crash! The average is 2 or 3 bikes down in a day.
  18. If I was reading this on April 1st in AMCN, I would assume April Fools with a name like Knoblock. I feel sorry for him on so many levels.
  19. as someone who makes a living from racing (arguable perhaps) you'd have more luck i would think getting it insure as a business tool than under anything else.

    If you really need it, find a broker and get them to do the legwork for you, or drop a note to a racer/team and see what they say.