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Superbike School -

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Aceaaron, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Friend of mine and i are thinking of going down (from Brisbane) to Phillip Island to do the superbike shcool course. We would love to hear from people who have done their course and other advance courses to give us an idea what they are like.

    We read many positive reviews on the net about the school but still have got too much an idea of how they are so much better than others.

    We both have about 2 years riding experience and done approximately 20k. He uses his CBR600RR as a commuter for work :roll: and do the occasional weekend blast with me. I ride CBR954RR mainly on weekends and some short touring to the gold coast. I have previously attended a couple of advance course with Morgan & Wacker in Brisbane and Stay Upright.

    I would classified my riding ability is avereage for someone with that sort of milage under his belt. My friend is a little better (or faster around the bend) because he rides a lot more in traffic and a bit more gutsy!

    I found that while the advance course were helpful, it didnt really teach me more than what i have already read in many advance riding books. Sometimes knowing what to do and being actually able to do it is two different things. PErhaps there werent enogh time to specifically address my problems.

    I felt that i mainly need to improve on my confidence riding around corners. I tend to get overwhelmed by infromation coming to me as i approach a corner (< road surface change, how far i can see etcs) and i get timid on approach and not stay relaxed enough. I often rider better at night, which i figured because there isnt as much information coming to me as i ride, e.g a bit harder to notice minute changes in road surfaces etc.

    I did a track day in Qld Raceway and quite enjoying it, as i am scraping my slider at all the slow right hand corners. However my left hand turns are really bad (dont know why, most people are other way around).

    Lack of confidence off the track and especially in corners where surface and sights are not perfect is really preventing from fully enjoying the biking experience... i dont use the road as a race track but just want to be able to go at a brisk pace effortlessly.

    Anyone had similar expeience and any comments on how SBS compare to other course would be great.

    BTW, does PI SBS has the no "Bullsh!t", slider bike as their cousins have overseas?

    thanks all
  2. SBS school is as good as you read. I've done level 1 and 2 and learnt heaps.

    Suggest if you are coming all that way you look to do the 2 or 3 day course (level 1, 2, 3 or a track day).

    btw. They also run courses at Eastern Creek.
  3. thanks ashes for the quick reply....

    do they have the infamous "NO BullSh!t" bike and the "slider" bike as some have overseas?

    we want to go all the way to PI, because its Phillip Island!!! :grin:
  4. When I did it, they didn't have the slider bike. You don't need it. Plenty to learn without it.
  5. I have done only Level 1 so far and can't wait to get back for the rest! Learnt heaps! Brouggy is a brilliant lecturer and the stuff they get you to practice makes sense and my riding had improved tremendously just from this much.

    Come down and do it!!!

    Let us know when u do, there may well be some of us there too and we can meet up :)
  6. Hey JKat,

    will let everyone know once final decision is made, most likely next week and places booked - will be coming to the early Nov weekends... hows the weather at PI at the time of the year, generally speaking?

  7. I did the level 1 course at PI last December, and I'm planning to do level 2 before the end of this year.

    As a relatively new rider (2 years' experience come November 06), I found the course very helpful. I learned a lot, but the best thing for me was being able to learn stuff in the classroom then go out on the track to try it for myself. The instructors are pretty damn impressive, too.

    So - for me it was well worth the money.
  8. Aceaaron this IS Victoria you are asking about... :p :LOL: :LOL:

    But by then it SHOULD be pretty good

    Hey, I'm in Brissy during October - up for a ride sometime?
  9. awww damn. i would go there too if i lived in melb. adel has nothing but churches
  10. Hey Jkat,

    when u know the dates, let me know, will go for a ride.... have u been in Brissie b4?

    I might be a bit busy for the last 2 weekends of OCt due to my work, but let me know anyway, and will tee up