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Superbike School & TAC/ Insurance

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by RedNinja, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. A few weeks ago I binned my bike practicing a cornering drill on corner two at the Island. It was the afternoon of the Level 1 Superbike school course I was on. It hurt a lot and it hurt the bike even more. This is what I have discovered as a result of the crash and I think it should be general knowledge.

    1. Insurance – Is my bike covered on a Superbike course day?

    The answer here is yes, if you (as I was) are with GIO, but only if it is a training day, not a track day. My bike was a write-off and I was paid out with a week of the claim. It has killed my rating tho, 1 to 3, bummer, but I am happy for the cash and I thought I’d blown $11k just on the bike.

    2. Insurance - Is My Gear Covered?

    Once again, If you are with GIO and can provide proof of ownership and a quote for replacement of your gear, they will give you up to $350 towards replacement. It’s not much I know, but it does give you enough to buy a new helmet or money towards a good one.

    3. TAC – I’m on a private track, am I covered?

    I was worried about this, as the medical bills are mounting up very fast and I still don’t know if I will need to go under the knife for my right ankle. So I called the TAC to find out for sure.

    As it turns out riders are covered by the TAC on a private course “IF AND ONLY IF” you are under instruction and are riding a road worthy registered bike at the time of the accident (VERY IMPORTANT BIT). This means if you are on a hire bike and bin it, as these bikes have no rego you are not covered, unless SBS have some form of insurance cover for riders using their hire bikes (I don’t know).

    You also need to log a police report of the accident as soon as you are able. This is a TAC claim requirement.

    Ok, this is not legal advice! Just reflection on my experience that I thought should be shared. No one on the track; instructors or riders knew much about this. Insurance conditions will vary between companies, so check your “Motorcycle Product Disclosure Statement” to see if you are covered and if you have to satisfy any pre-training conditions (Ie. I believe QBE need you to inform them of the training before the event to be covered).

    Hope this helps somebody else if this should happen to them.

    Cheers RN
  2. Thanks for that Dallas, so will TAC be covering you? Did you make that police report?
  3. Hey, with the police report it doesn't matter if you do it on the day of the crash or later, just as long as it is reported. I am doing mone tonight on the way home, as I only found out about this today.
  4. Ok, well let us know how this turns out. Good luck with it all mate, and hopefully its not long before you are back on the bike.
  5. Interesting. Good info Dallas.

    Shannons cover you for training - but only with prior agreement. Standard cover includes gear up to $1.5K I think [could be higher]... can't remember now.

    Didn't know about the TAC thing... I spent a bucket above and beyond medicare with my broken wrist (and related) 18mths ago...

    Dallas, hope all is mending well.


  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. I think its something that does hold some people back from undertaking a rider training program at a track...the 'what if I do bin it??".

    Hope you're recovering well and enjoy your new bike shopping (or fixing....you didn't say which...)
  7. With Shannon's you do not need to inform them so long as it is a instructed course. I checked with them before the last SBKS.

    Rider gear to a total of 3k, pillion up to 1.5k and no one item above 1k.
  8. I'm with QBE.

    I'll be checking the fine print before I sign up for level 2 of the cornering course, but when I did level 1 last year I pretty much assumed that if I dropped it I'd be paying for it. And any medical bills.

    Interesting to hear that TAC covers injuries sustained on private property while under instruction if the bike is registered. I wasn't aware of that.
  9. Hey Lil, my CBR was written-off by GIO :( I really loved that bike.

    I have had some thoughts about buying it from the auctions, but it may work out a to be a lot of effort and cash to get it rideable again and registered. As much as I want to, I think I'll just let the repair slide and rest for the moment.

    I think I'll just take the time to heal for now and give the VFR a bit of a workout when I'm ready. I am sure there will be another 600 in the picture sometime tho, they are just so much fun to ride :grin:

    Cheers RN
  10. Thats why i'm insured with them :grin: :grin:
  11. I just did a ring around about a week ago to insure my K6 and QBE do not cover for gear or track days of any sort

    Shannons on the other hand do cover up to $3000 for gear for myself and my pillion, and also cover for instructed track days that are a course of some sort, but are not covered for racing or lap timing and were cheaper, so lm with Shannons
  12. Thanks Red Ninja, that is very useful information to know, especially the bit about teh TAC! :grin: I am looking at attending a level 1 course next month, so will have to check the details with my insurance company.