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superbike school Saturday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nalasrob, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. Folks, I'm trailing my beast down to SBS(Philip Island) Saturday. Offering a lift either way to anyone who might be attending. 80 odd km's of highway drone doesn't entice me at the end of a long day at the track. Advice from a few is its a tiring day.

    travelling from Lysterfield. Pickup from nearby suburbs or mutual meeting point. Leaving 5 - 5:30 am , returning promptly at end of day.

    PM or reply post if your interested. [a few bucks to fuel and trailer hire would be appreciated]
  2. take pics mate
  3. lucky bugger, have a great day. Steve B is a great instructor and P.I. is a fantastic track. I'll be there on the 27th doing a ride day. Anybody else be there for that??
  4. Wednesday forecast - change coming in. Hope it holds off for you guys. Will post an update on my experience Monday.
  5. Ahem.....

    Its Monday and I'm waiting for the report so I know what to expect on wednesday..
  6. So , I promised an update from school day.

    The nerves are at a peak, the butterflys doing laps of my stomach. This is my first time at a track. I'm checking out the bikes of the other riders in my group. Stories of track days abound, tyres rolled out to the edges, my chicken strips a glaring reminder of my inexperience. Ducati’s seem the dominant breed today, strange as I see so few on the roads when I ride.
    Up to the first class room session, a bit of a wait and were doing the orientation lap.
    God this track is smooth! Into turn two, slowly getting a feel for the track, into the Honda turn (U turn). Crawling round…yeah this is easy. Orientation laps complete and away. Gun it up to fourth, turn 2 with its horrid double apex and…roooaar, goes past a Duc….sh*t too slow. Faster..faster.. Honda coming up…oh no! no brakes to be used. Have to dab to slow it up then lay it over. Too Slow! Very surprised. Good turn at Siberia, lucas heights then into the tight right at MG down the hill..too fast again…no! I’m not going to brake!..wait for it…slam it over and power on, and I’m round. Good lean, bit of rubber on the road and a brown streak in the leathers. Man this is fun! Gun it and line up for the straight, roll on, start finish in sight…now whats a rev limiter feel like? My face hurts from the smile already. ….

    Well, off the bike and checking the rubber. Chicken strips are blown away and a nice liquid texture on the tyres. Rolls of rubber starting to develop down the left edge of the tyres (must be all the fast left handers). Right edges are roughed but a bit cleaner. All that from my first session! It impressed me and that’s all that mattered.

    I certainly wasn't the fastest around, I generally think of myself as quite conservative in my riding, but I sure learnt a lot about handling the bike. Enormous value - throttle control, entry speeds, turn in points...all things I improved enormously on the day. I’m sure that there has been enormous benefit Even the effect of the 'death grip' on handling surprised me when I took it to the edge and loosened up a bit - not so easy when you're cornering a hell of a lot faster than usual.

    Highlights of the day...hmmm. A couple of drops, mostly minor, but 2 people left with bandages but otherwise ok(or so I believe). 1 silly drop when a stand folded on a Duc. Had a giggle when the 2nd drop was an instructor (!) - guess were all human. Taped up wrist from that one. Hope he gets back on the job soon. He was also riding an RS 955i like mine. Got to see what a scraped up version looks like. Hmmmm.

    Enormous respect for the chap who brought his Augusta to the track....that’s gotta take commitment with that much value at stake.

    The surprises on track, the big BMW RS1150(?) with the full fairings cruising past me in turn one on the outside (after I blew him off on the straight..he he), and the one 250 on track, a VTR twin, sailing past me in Siberia(long sweeping left). Only caught him again on the main straight then backed off to let him circulate in front of me, kind of a mark of respect I thought. Just didn't feel right passing on raw horse power. He certainly did well. The two ladies on track shamed me good and proper, strangely that doesn’t rankle at all. I must be getting old!

    End of day, and about 100 minutes track time. Overcast conditions most of the day have made for what I think of as one of the best riding conditions I've had for ages, but man have I found some new muscles today...especially the ones around the face that make me grin!

    Fan-bloody-tastic! Worth every cent for my mind. Don’t know if I’ll go back for stage two yet. I personally think a bit of road and track time to apply what I’ve learnt is needed.

    Hopefully this can demystify what SBS is all about for a few. Yes its about cornering faster, but its certainly improved my road safety in the ability to handle corners better and deal with the running wide syndrome.

    The only shots I’ve got now are of my tyres after the day– I’ll post if there’s interest but didn’t think it was much value.