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Superbike School Qld Raceway Fri 28 Sept Buddy's Booking for 20%OFF

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by R-K-O, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. gday

    CSS at Qld Raceway(Ipswich) is offering a promo that if i book with a (netrider)buddy; we both get 20%OFF their price of $499. Now who wanna be my buddy..? :D

    the procedure is that 2 students need to enroll & pay together 1 payment.
    I'm considering Fri 28 Sept - Lev.3
    but we dont have do the course on the same day as theres also a course on thurs 27th, maybe different level ok too.

    The spots will be subject to availability but the sooner i find a 'buddy' ill register for both of us(=transfer into my account) and its non-refundable/ non-changeable. If your not turning up then you forfeit, simple as that.

    Any takers pls PM me by Thurs 20th Sept or post here- first in first serve.
    thanks & shouldbe a fun day :twisted:



  2. .. grumble grumble ...

    What makes QLD so special ...
  3. ...supply and demand 8-[
  4. Isolation and heavy metals in the water supply.
  5. tee hee :rofl:

    good deal though, so QLD'ers should take advantage of the discount