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Superbike School - Phillip Island 10th May - Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by parko, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm heading up to Phillip Island on the 10th of May (Monday) to do a Level 1 California Superbike school class.

    Anybody else going?

    I've got access to a bike trailer, but unfortunately my missus, won't let me have the car so if anybody else is heading up and has a car with a towball (with a round 7 plug) but needs a trailer then we should come to an arrangement! I'd much prefer to drive up and back... Even if you do have a trailer, any chance of a lift? I'm in the north east suburbs..

  2. i can help ya mate, but im in Sydney :D
  3. I'm booked in for Level 2 on the 10th and i'm in the opposite situation to you, I have a car but no trailer. I rode down for level 1 and i'd rather not do that again if I can help it. The trailer I was going to borrow last time was a bit awkward to get a bike on so i'd be hiring one this time.

    I'm in the outer east, but I'd be up for a bit of a drive north it it meant not having to fork out for a hire trailer.
  4. Hi Wokkan,

    Thanks for the offer, but over the weekend I was able to make other arrangements, a mate is dead keen to go up as well, so I'm going to push out my class and he and I will head up the following week..

    Thanks again though!