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VIC Superbike School Level 1

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by violetpop, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all, just booked level 1 of the ASS in late November and wanted to hear from some people who have done it, your thoughts of the day, anything i should know? From all reports i heave heard it is great.

  2. Yeah it is great! You'll learn a hell of a lot! Keep in mind there is a no tyre warmer rule :-( so make sure you just use road tyres, dont go tearing a set of slicks or dot race tyres for no reason...
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  3. Fantastic day, stay hydrated, listen in the classroom sessions and practice what they're teaching you during the track session. But most of all, have fun! :)
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  4. Absorb the words from the instructors like a sponge, they know their shit. Give all the feedback you can to them when given the chance, they'll provide you with guidance, they genuinely do care to see you improve by great strides by the end of the day.

    Ride within your limits and don't push yourself to chase the guy in front, seeing improvements within yourself from lap to lap is what you should be chasing for instead.

    Check the website to make sure your bike will be deemed ok to go on the track, doesn't hurt to double and triple check.

    Lastly, if you're riding home after it, be sure to come down to earth as the roads will feel like walking pace, I was so hyped up I was at least +20km almost the entire way back home zippy in and out of traffic like tron.

    Have an absolute blast mate.
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  5. Awesome... I will be using my road bike which has a fresh set of tyres on it. It's the bike I use everyday and also for the weekend so would be the best machine to use! I look forward to this day very much.

    Will do mate! Thanks for the write up...
  6. Best money ever spent, one of the best courses you can do for your riding. Takes a lot of guess work out of the whole process of cornering.
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  7. Level 1 is by far the best bang for buck of all the levels. Most people improve out of sight from L1. Then little by little through levels 2-4
  8. Just did Level one last Saturday and had a ball, you'll love it and your riding will improve out of sight.
  9. I did Level one on Sunday. It's made a huge difference to my riding.
  10. I've been thinking to do this for ages. Finally booked in for the 18th of Jan, anyone else going then?
  11. Yep will be there in the 18th of January
  12. I'm in for the 18th :)
  13. Nice :) Hope weather is good.
  14. I can't wait but at the same time I'm a bit nervous. Think I should be better than I am before I do it. I want to be fit before I go to the gym too....
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  15. Ahaha, yep, don't we all!

    Don't let it stress you, the instructors are brilliant at moving your comfort zone up a notch or two and making you a better rider.

    You'll have plenty to work on after the day.
  16. That's what I figure. See you there!
  17. I wish, I haven't booked in yet but do plan to at some stage soon.
  18. You'll be fine i have done it in the past and it is brilliant, they correct so many bad habits and you just go at your own pace.
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  19. Amazone you'll be fine, they are really good teachers. I recently did a track day at PI and Lou from the superbike school took me aside after session 1 for the off track turning drill which I believe is a part of the CSS level 1. I felt retarded doing it the first time but with his coaching in that 15 minutes or so I understood turning a lot better and that made the next 5 sessions at the track heaps more enjoyable. Looking forward to what else they can teach.

    Wally if you have done it in the past, why are you doing it again? or are you going to Level 2 etc?
  20. Thanks Jekel, looking forward to it