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Superbike School Dec 17th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by jypt, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. I will be doing level 1 superbike school on Dec 17 and was wanting to know if there is anyone else out there who is doing the same.

    I dont know what to expect but i thought putting the bike on a trailer was a goof idea as its a pretty big day.

    If so then i was also wandering if you would be interested in sharing a trailer and driving duties on the journey or just the company would be good.
  2. Very good chance I will be there doing level 3 that day, but will probably drive down the night before so I can get some good sleep.
  3. Have you booked already because i noticed today that Dec 17 is sold out.

    Come to think of it, its probably a very good idea seeing as its a early start. Think i might have to do the same.
  4. Superbike School December 18th - Tuesday.....

    I am booked in for December 18th and want to look at putting my bike on a trailer - happy to share with someone else.

    I have a comfortable 4WD with tow bar and will happily rent a trailer (share all costs).

    Let me know if you want to keep me company and help me get the bike on and off the trailer when we get back to Melbourne.


  5. I will be there, but working not doing the school, come and say hi, I will be hiring out the bikes and leathers.

  6. will do Mark, am pretty excited about the day.

    Katy: I would be more than happy to keep you company its a shame but I need to be back in Melb on Mon night 17th. I am going down the night before and staying the Big 4 caravan park (cabin) due to the early start. Have organised a trailer thru a friend which is a bonus. Have a great day Katy i will warm up the track for you.
  7. g'day jypt,I am doin a track day with hrca on the 15th.costing $175.if its not too rude to ask,how much is your course costing and wot do you get for the day, just out of interest.
  8. Hi Yamahawk

    Ther course is $399 and its run by California Superbike school.

    I am doing Level 1, their are 4 levels in total and everybody starts at 1.

    Its a full day on the track at PI starting at 7am finishing at 5pm, which is broken up into 5 segments. Its all about cornering and taking the right lines, I hear that you go around in 4th gear but the catch is NO BRAKES. That in itself sounds like a daunting task in itself.

    I have read reviews about the day and everyone that has done it has great reports of the day. They say some of what you learn you can take to the road but most of it is track related.

    You can find all the info you need at the this link http://www.superbikeschool.com.au/

    I hope I have been of some help

    Cheers Joe
  9. "They" are idiots!

    It is all related to, and useable on the road. I was a far better road rider after doing level 1 last year, and again after level 2 this year.
  10. Thats good to hear Mark

    My main reason for doing this course is to learn about my bike and find my limits in a safe environment. I know I ride with no chicken strips but i still fell I can get lower I just dont know how low. I dont want to find out the hard way, if you know what I mean.

    I dont think I will ever get to the real edge of my bike but I would like to know how close i am to scraping a few hero nobs (if thats what they are called). I have only scraped my toe but I now move my foot back so the next thing is the Hero douva lackies and i would like to be ready for it because the toe scrape scared the shoite out of me the first time.

    And to be a better rider also :grin:
  11. Everything in level one is useable on the road.

    If you haven't read twist of the wrist books, then this info will be new.

    Don't fight the info with what you think you know. Listen closely and carefully, take it in, do the exercises... and have a bloody great day.

    Mark, I didn't realise you became part of the school. That's cool mate. Well done. :cool:
  12. I'm booked in for the 18th of December also, but I am heading down to stay at a local pub the night before, not keen on getting up at some godly hour of gthe morning to ride down to P.I.

    C whomever is booked there, on the day :grin:
  13. Yeah it's great, low stress, and I'm getting in way more riding than I would have under normal circumstances :grin:
  14. You'll love it! :grin: ..well, I did anyway :)

    I just did level one. It was my first time on a track, and on a rent-a-Gixxer too...so it took a little while to get comfortable.

    As has been noted above, listen to what is said, and try to apply it even or especially if it doesn't feel natural. Definitely have a quick read of TOTW2 if you get the chance beforehand.

    It's not road craft based (eg, doesn't cover buffering etc), but it's all very much applicable for use on the road. I put it into practice a few days after doing it, and my riding is smoother and more relaxed than ever, just by thinking about it when riding.

    What's covered (apologies if any of this is wrong, newbie here):

    Steering drill. Correct body positioning to steer with least effort and most control.

    Throttle control. This is one gear so you don't complicate things. Correct entry speed and smooth, constant, rollon throughout the corner. This may seem subtle if you're already reasonable, but work on it and when you really nail it, it feels sublime.

    Turn point. Where do you steer the bike and why. Makes a big difference to time leant over, angle required, and getting the smoothest line.

    Quick steer. Probably the section I was looking forward to the most, as it's what I suck at and have struggled to convince myself to persist with trying on the road. Focuses on turning the bike quickly and the associated benefits. A revelation when finally it started to happen. Ever ridden behind a reasonably fast rider, and been gobsmacked at how they just peel off into the corner like lightning, gone while you're still steering? They're quick steering and you're not :LOL:

    Rider input. Relax, don't grip/weight the bars, etc. Especially useful on the road, removing feedback back into the suspension makes a huge difference to lines on less than perfect surfaces (and subtly, on the track too).

    Two-step turn. Look to find your exit line ASAP, before you reach your turn point.

    Don't know why the photographers didn't want to play whenever I actually did get some speed up and dropped a puck, head/shoulder down and all, but still nice to have a shot of the day (turn 12 at Eastern Creek).

  15. Hey Alli

    I am hoping to come down on Monday night too - stay at Waves most likely - looks like I am riding - no takers on the trailer option - so I will most likely see you there..


    Mark - may have to come see you to rent some leathers - can't get mine fixed in time.... how much for the day rate? PS: and how smelly are they likely to be...lol :grin:
  16. $55 for gear hire, shouldn't be toooo smelly,(unless it 40 degrees on Monday! :wink: )
  17. Sweet - ladies size 10 - haven't got a clue what that is in leathers - save me a pink set.... :cool:
  18. I thought ALL women were size 8? :? :cool: :p
  19. Hey Bunny,
    I would be interested in getting a trailer back on the Tuesday but I would like to ride down on the Monday evening. Most likely staying at the Waves also, have been told its a pretty good place to stay!
    Let me know if you get the trailer still and I'll pitch in with the costs if its not too much :grin:

  20. Track days are just the best thing since sliced bread.Since I did my first one,I simply can't get enuf. HRCA days are a really good fun day. Road registered bike with all bits and peices working.they roll out the newest model blades and 600's so you can ride em back to back with your own at no extra cost ,unless you bin it. it is open to all abillities and you can receive tuition if you need it. wheather you go sbk school or anyone else, I think you can learn so much about yourself as a rider in terms of tempered agression. I don't think you can take too much off the track to the road because of the high risk. trying to get the knee down on the road is just unimaginable to me,but at the island, no worries. it is just the most awsome feeling riding your R1, or anything, in the way it is meant to be ridden thru corners where you can see every thing ahead. sorry for blabbing on but I get horny just thinkin about it, such is the enjoyment I get from it. Rich